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Who's minding the store? Same as tmscrapbook... able to load labels but not covers. Please help!
I have tried uploading from three different browsers... Firefox, Chrome and Opera. Each time it looks like the file uploaded but the screen quickly disappears and the uploaded cover is not there. Have never had this problem in all the years I've been contributing. Can you help?
I have not been able to upload covers lately and only labels about 50% of the time. Any help you give me will be greatly appreciated :)
Please delete my label submission for Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs & Shaw. I am upload the corrected label. Thank you!
Please delete my label for "Ready Player One". I'm uploading a better quality image. Thanks!
Can someone please delete my cover for "The Greatest Showman"? The dimensions are wrong. I'm going to resubmit it with the proper dimensions. Thank you.
Hi there, sorry for the stupid question but.. how can i earn credit for one cover, thank you :)
Hi there, I would like to re-submit my custom cover for Poldark - Season 3. I noted some flaws around the PBS logo on the front and have corrected them. I also posted it wrongly to the movie section (sorry about that). Can you delete it and let me know so I can re-submit the improved cover and place it properly? Please let me know. Thanks you!
My aim is to try the huge task of completing my collection of covers needed, or at least try and keep my head above the water doing it :)