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Jul 14, 2004
First - still working out the issues with credits being applied for logins (i.e. daily credits where you login you get some).

Second - for those that have emailed asking for a way to donate to get more credits, I've created a bitcoin donate button at the top (check near twitter/facebook) that you can use. We'll work off a basic donation system, for every .1 bitcoin you send, we'll add 150 credits to your account. If you send 1 bitcoin, we'll add 2000 credits to your account (we'd hope that will last you a while).

So, when you send bitcoins, make sure you follow up via PM with the chain and amount so we can credit the account. This is a manual process, so it could take us a couple hours to get to you depending on the time of day.

Here's a chart:

.1-.99 bitcoin donated = *150 (i.e. you send .2 you get 300 credits)
1 bitcoin donated = 2000 credits
2 bitcoin donated = 4000 credits (keeps doubling).

Donate bitcoin Click here
Not open for further replies.