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Seems we have had a rash of invalid cover and label uploads, so please note the following rules: every upload will follow the rules established by the site: We do not accept any covers from regions other than REGION 1, nor do we accept covers or labels with international rating symbols. So don't waste your time uploading them as they will be removed from the upload section. All custom labels uploaded to the site will be full image only, any custom label with a center hole in it will be deleted from the upload section as of this date (1/27/2013). Prior to uploading anything to the upload section or direct uploads by those who have that privilege, make sure you do a site search to ensure that your projected upload is not already on the site.

TITLE BLOCK - ONLY THE TITLE goes there, do not include following: (2011) BR, Custom, Scan, etc. DO NOT PLACE - or _ between the words in the title unless it is required. Ex_Machina comes to mind as an example. Cover uploads require Custom or Scan in the Description block, nothing else should be there.

Blu-ray covers will be accepted in either size, but only one, it will be first come first serve, so if you find your cover on the site and it is already posted on the site at 3118 x 1748, and yours is 3173 x 1762, don't bother posting it as it will be removed from the uploads.

A standard DVD cover is 3240 x 2175, any other size for a standard DVD cover will be deleted from the upload section.

All members who upload to the site will allow conversations between them and the site, failure to do so will result in rejection of artwork from the upload section. Reason: if there is a issue and we cannot contact you, then your upload(s) will be rejected. Your member name or the Original Artist's name will be placed in the Artist's block provided in the upload section, failure to so will be automatic rejection.

Remember, before ever uploading anything to the site do a SEARCH first, it will save you the aggravation of getting your work rejected.
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