RULES - Site Overview Including Credits: ALL NEW MEMBERS READ THIS FIRST!

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Jul 14, 2004

We don't have a prove yourself forum, so let me give you a quick overview of how we do things here:

You upload covers/labels/hires-art etc... must be 300dpi - JPG files or better. Example US Std BluRay Cover 3118 X 1748 or Std DVD Cover 3240 X 2175 both @ 300dpi. See size link at the bottom of this page for all size requirements. Only put the Film Name in the Title field all other info ie Year, Collection, Set etc should be in the description field. Indicate in description if its a Scan or a Custom. Also put your ID (name) in the Artist block or in the Comment block. See reference link below for full rules on Uploading a Cover Correctly.

It goes through an approval process (brief, we just look to make sure its OK on (Duplicate/Size/Quality) then we move it to the proper category. When you submit your cover, you'll see a page that says you're not authorized to view it--this is perfectly normal, given that you sent it to a category that you can't actually see. Give us a day or less and we'll approve or deny it.

From there, when your cover is downloaded, your are instantly credited .3 credits per unique download. This might not sound like a lot, but good "newer" covers will see between 30 and 60 downloads in a week.

So if you have 10 uploads in a month that are things people are looking for, you'll likely get 50-100 credits per month or more. And the more you have on the site, the more earning potential you have. The sooner it gets there, the better chance someone else wont have uploaded it already (if its posted somewhere else) as well.

Once you get a feel for the system, and we don't feel like we need to moderate you anymore, we'll move you to a designer group, and you can bypass the approval process.

With the new upload feature, you can select multiple things to upload at once. After clicking on select files to upload, you can use the ctrl + mouse click to highlight multiple items, then click OK when ready. The up-loader will begin to process all the covers you selected. Then click upload/submit. Please note that each and every item posted to the site is free gratis after posting, so if the individual who downloaded it wants to share, we are not liable, posting do not upload to another site is not condoned on the site but we find it's a waste of time and effort.

You upload covers here: Cover upload page

In order to have permission to upload you need to be a 'member' - which is basically someone with at least one post. You'll need to go introduce yourself in the forum to get your first post, then you'll be moved to the new group.

Now that you can upload, here's what you'll need to know:

1. If you didn't create it --credit who did in the creator/artist field if you know who did, if you don't know- put Unknown in the creator/artist field, we do not want your name there. If we figure out who did it, and they have an account here, we'll eventually put it in their name. If not, it will stay in yours and your name will not be released to anyone. I can't say that it's completely impossible to figure out who you are if you do upload something that isn't yours. Some sites frown on that, we don't give a shit.

2. If it's a scan, we really don't care--a scan is a scan - if you know who scanned it, add their name... but it doesn't really matter unless someone says "omg that's my scan" - and maybe if they put a their name on it somewhere, we'll give it to them, but seriously, it's a scan... first come first serve.

3. Once you upload something, it goes in a queue to be approved. You will not be able to see your image in this category, since you don't have permission to view the category it was uploaded to. If your cover is not approved you should receive a canned email--if you need a better reason why you can post a small version of the cover in this forum and ask why it wasn't approved.

4. You do not receive any credits until your cover has been downloaded --each time it has a unique download you receive .3 credits instantly.


Credits can be earned by logging in each day. I'll eventually add back the ability to earn credits for submitting quality posts/movie reviews for those interested. There is currently not a way to pay other than bitcoin. I'm looking in to other online pay gateways, but paypal will not be an option. For those of you interested in paying with bitcoin, here's help on getting started.

Sadly, because this hobby is viewed as a copyright infringement by many the options for payment are limited. As mentioned, we're working on another, but bitcoin is a safe alternative--that can be used for now.

Moderators have final say on who stays and goes if you are labeled a trouble maker. If you do something that they warn you about, you may get the boot if you keep offending. You're account will be banned in this case, and whatever credits or subscription you had will be forfeited (we'd like to not do that, so don't push too much :))
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