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If they do not meet these minimum requirements they will not be added, so please follow these few simple rules:

1. Make a thorough search of the site for the cover you are going to upload. We get a lot of duplicates.

2. Customs or Scans:

A. Make sure the language on the cover is English, and the region code is set to either REGION 1 or ALL for DVD and A or ABC combo for Blu-ray, all other region codes will be rejected. Covers will be posted in a horizontal position.

B. Make sure the cover is sized correctly. The most common covers uploaded and the preferred sizes are:
    • Custom or Scanned DVD Cover @ 3240 X 2175.
    • Custom or Scanned Blu-ray Cover @ 3118 X 1748 or 3173 X 1762.
    • They must be 300 DPI and either in JPG or PNG format.
    • Multi-disc cases for both types vary in size, so see the case size link at the bottom of this page for all site size requirements.
3. Scans have more specific requirements:
A. They must be aligned and scaled in proportion.
B. Black levels and colors must be corrected.
C. Spine in correct location, labels will be squared and level.
D. No borders, marks, shadows, etc.
E. No moire patterns.
F. If none of this makes sense to you, you probably need to research before uploading scans. A Scanning Tutorial Is Available Here.
4. The Title field is for the title only, all other info (i.e. Year, Custom, Collection, Set, etc.) will be placed in the description field, all covers received with incorrect info in the TITLE block will be deleted from the upload files. (Sample of correctly typed title: The World Is Not Enough).

5. Indicate in the Description field if its a Scan or a Custom, this is a site requirement and failure to do so will result in your upload being deleted, no dimensions, or telling us it's a Label, DVD or Blu-ray cover, we can see what it is. Do not retype the title in the description block, it's already in the Title Block. If your scanned cover is from Canada, say so in this block ( Scan - Canadian Version) If your cover is a collection cover please put the info in the description block: i.e. Clint Eastwood Collection, Friday the 13th and so forth, this will allow for a better search. Do not place it in the title block.

6. This applies to all members: If you scanned or created the cover, put your ID (name) in the Artist Field provided. If you did not create it, then put your name in the Description Block, and fill in the Artist Block with either the Artists Name or Unknown if you don't know who the artist was. Failure to do this will result in your cover not being uploaded to the site. We might need to contact you about an issue with the upload, hard to do if we don't know who uploaded it.

7. Upload the image only once, if you upload it more than once, the thumbnail image will not work properly, thus we have to delete all your uploads.

8. No links to any other cover site will be attached or embedded with in the confines of your art work, if found you will be warned and your work will be removed from the site.

And the last thing, be patient, if you are having problems then conversation post one of the moderators and we will get back with you asap.

Link To Site Upload Page.

Reference List of Our Current Standard Case Sizes Here

If You Plan To Upload Labels Read This.

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