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Jul 25, 2004
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Basic Forum Etiquette:

1. No flaming, abusive posts, and/or personal attacks. It doesn’t matter how little talent somebody has, we should try and help them not rip them down.

2. Do not harass, or try to cause arguments with other members. Even if you don't "flame" others, you still can't create problems or try to get others banned. If you're seen as a "troublemaker," you'll be removed.

3. No trolling. Making a point does not require more than one thread. Pointless posting will get you a warning.

4. Keep posts on topic, example: Don't jump in a thread on Cover Quality and ask about Credits.Find the right section and post your question in its own thread.

5. Make sure when you create a new thread it is placed in the right section of the forum.

These rules apply to comments posted on covers as well.

Not following any of these rules can result in you being removed from the site.

And needless to say, but just for the record:

Be polite to the staff, they really want to help you in anyway they can, after all they donate their time to make the site better for all. Now with this in mind please remember demanding anything might rarely but most likely will never work. However asking nicely will usually get you as close as possible to what you want or need, doing so via the PM system is best

When in doubt the staff is always right ;)
(Unless we're wrong, which almost never happens and if it does we mean well so work with us)

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