FAQ How do I update one of my covers?

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Updating Covers Already Here: The update procedure has been updated now you can just go to your cover provided your set as the owner if not get one of the mod's below to set it for your then when you edit it you will have the option to upload a new file over the existing one.

When you update a cover change the name I add version numbers, at any rate if you overwrite an existing cover with another of the same file name it seems to sometimes corrupt the file or at least the preview and/or the thumbnail.

The Link below is for Quick Links to PM each MOD on the site, anyone of them can help you, if you have problems or don't understand ask :)

FAQ I'm new and I have a question who should I ask?

Here Is the basic procedure step by step.
Select your cover to be updated in Large Preview window, Select Edit Cover, use the 'Browse' button to Browse for a new file to Upload and replace the existing one, Click Submit Changes, "IMPORTANT" Wait for "Your cover has been updated message" this may take several minutes as the new cover has to be uploaded - Don't browse away from the upload window this may make the transfer abort.
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