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    Welcome to R1DB Insomnium X !!
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    Hi peeps!

    What's up rippn? Welcome to R1DB!
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    Hello Williesa, welcome to R1DB!
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    Welcome to R1DB HemDog!! A big part of learning the ropes can be had by reading the FAQ's. Enjoy your time here and try to be active in the forums.
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    Hello! Everyone..

    Welcomw to R1DB taeyeon!!
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    Hi all

    Welcome to R1DB Peopleeater!! Looking forward to seeing some of your work...
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    Hallo back at ya magister1974 !! Welcome to R1DB !!
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    Hello Tarantula, welcome to R1DB.
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    Welcome aboard LOCZUS007!!
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    Hi everyone

    Hiya teeno...
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    Welcome to R1DB ana554 !! Please read the FAQ linked in my sig to get the lowdown on the requirements for covers and labels here at R1DB. I look forward to seeing some of your work.
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    I'm new here.

    Welcome to R1DB magicman !!
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    Hello everyone...

    Welcome to R1DB coaster!!
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    Welcome To R1DB Simon!!
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    Welcome Juan!!