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  • As you did for te Part 1, any chance of making the cover for the part 2 of Harry Potter cover for the Deathly Hallows?
    Thanks for all you work, man
    Hi sharktooth. I am going through some car troubles at the moment, but yes, I can do a HD DVD conversion of the covers for you. I will PM you when I am able to do it.
    Hello Jack,

    Your work on the Potter movies is truly amazing. I have one request and I realize the chances of it being fulfilled are practically nil but I'm going to ask anyways.

    Is their any chance you could do an HD DVD conversion of your Blu-ray Potter covers # 1 - 5 ? I own the HD DVD version and would absolutely love to be able to use your designs. All you would really need to do is switch the logo on the back and place an HD DVD logo horizontally on the bottom of the spine underneath the WB logo.

    I completely understand if you don't have the time or the desire to do this. But I appreciate you taking the time to condsider my request. :)
    Covers have now been uploaded to the site with 3184 pixel spines and snazzy new title treatment, per request
    I just measured the cover in the PCX box and it looks like the widith is short about 2/16 of an inch using a tape measure that 16/16 = 1 inch, but the 11 pixel increase will be close enough. I appricate your willingness to help me in this matter.
    It will be time consuming, so that is why I am trying to make sure we are on the same page. An 11 pixel means that the cover would be short on the front and back cover by about 1/64" an inch, which would be barely noticeable to the human eye.
    Yes, Jack the height is fine. Its just the width that comes up short. I hope this is not to much of an inconvience for you.
    Ok, that is helpful info. Do I correctly understand you that you don't need the height of the cover to be 1800 pixels? You only need the width of the cover expaned by 11 pixels, with the same size spine? I am not sure how much 11 pixels is going to help you, because 11 pixels is only 0.037 inches, which is just slightly more than 1/32 of an inch.
    Wish I knew how to get the pixels for the spine. I am switching boxes to another kind since vernon doesn't list meeasurements on their web site. I am going to use the PCX boxes for all the Harry Potter Ultimate Editions. The PCX spine measures about the same as your covers spine.


    Only thing I can give you is a comparision of mearsurements of a cover I have in a PCX box so that you can see the difference I need.

    My comparison cover
    3184 x 1800 pixels
    10.613 x 6.000 inches
    pixels per inch 300

    Your Harry Potter covers
    3173 x 1762 pixels
    10.577 x 5.873 inches
    pixels per inch 300

    Also, the height of your cover is dead on when I placed it in the PCX box, its just a little short on the front and back parts of the cover.

    I hope this helps
    I think these covers are great, but I've come across a problem. When I print them out they come out too short length wise. I have printed them on a semigloss paper, and everything looks great except the length. The box I am using is a 4-disc case from:


    maybe the spine is a little larger it looks like 9/16 of an inch, and about 1/16 of an inch short at both edges.

    I would appricate if you could make an alternate set for a wider blu-ray case, as I intend to use these covers for my Ultimate Editions of Harry Potter
    I got it and thanks, you did a great job on them, let me know when you do Rise of the Lycans
    A bit odd, could have sworn that I replied to your messages earlier in the day Hailstorm. Thanks much for the Master Designer nod. Much appreciated!

    As far as the LOTR covers, I still have a special place in my heart for them. To be sure, when they release on bluray, I will be doing a conversion :)
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