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    Happy Birthday Hailstorm

    Terrific news. Happy Birthday!
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    Welcome to R1DB. To ensure a pleasant experience here, I would suggest turning off your Caps Lock key.
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    Restricted Status

    Please consult the FAQs. Your answer will be in there.
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    Hello From Wiltshire :)

    Well, I think the Devizes fan club is now up and running.
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    Free Download

    Please read the FAQ.
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    Hello From Wiltshire :)

    I drove through Devizes during a visit to the UK a few years ago. Beautiful part of the country. Welcome to R1DB!
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    Hello cover

    Yes, you can download the covers. Read the FAQ.
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    Hello Guys

    Don't beg. Read the FAQs.
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    Read the FAQs.
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    HELLO, hello, there anybody in there?

    Floyd fans are always welcome!
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    The Wizard of Stop Motion Animation has Died

    I watched 20 Million Miles To Earth today in his honor. He was a pioneer and a huge influence on generations of fans and filmmakers.
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    Site issues

    We are aware of several problems affecting the website. Rest assured the R1DB technical team (Jayhawk) is working feverishly to fix the problems. Thanks for your patience.
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    Guide To Forum Troll Breeds

    This is pretty good. You could probably get a government grant to do this kind of research.
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    SOPA and PIPA blackouts

    Yeah, Wikipedia went dark today to protest. I shudder to think of all those book reports that won't get done today!
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    First post updated to include new rules for Title field.