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    ZERO CITY {1988}
    The third and last Russian film I watched this past week. It's "fantasy" only if you want to throw in self-consciously wacky surrealism into that hopper. I'm not sure I really do, since movies like this usually use that kind of stuff in a "directional" sense, to point towards political critiques, philosophical critiques, sociological critiques. Occasionally funny, occasionally slow-moving, it's about a Moscow white-collar functionary who goes to a small town to try to get air conditioners re jiggered for his company's specs, only to get a bunch of surrealistic stuff thrown at him. Best scene:


    Our hero's eating dinner, doesn't want desert, but the waiter insists. It turns out to be a cake that looks like his head. The waiter cuts into a piece and lays it on our hero's plate.
    I think this is a great idea. My birthday this year, I want a cake that looks my head.

    Eventually it seems to be something about emerging freedom and older, but still dangerous tyranny during Perestroika. ZERO CITY has its moments but seems a bit too much of its time and place to really be all that interesting now.

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