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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by milaka99, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. milaka99

    milaka99 Guest

    I hate when a company that is releasing "season sets" of TV shows "changes format" right in the middle of the series!!!

    I have seasons 1,2, and now 3 of Spongebob Squarepants , and the first 2 seasons were in "single width" cases,
    (which is great because ALL my season sets for the 90 or so season sets of various TV shows that i own, are in single width cases)

    now the third season, comes in 3 "thinpack cases" ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH

    which totally messes up my shelf,

    and I don't have a scanner , so i cannot even 'convert" the set to single width from slim!!

    I hate when companies do this,

    the same thing happened with E.R. and Law & order, as for ER the first 2 seasons were on 4 double sided discs, and season 3 on 6 single sided discs, and law & order did it the other way, starting out on 6 single sided discs, and ending up on 3 double sided discs!!!

    and I seem to have problems with double sided discs, because no matter how careful I am they always seeem to be more subceptable to scratches, and such...

    i just wish companies would have some sort of "continuity" to their releases, and keep it the same from season 1 to the end

    sorry about the rant, i just had to "release" :oops:
  2. Paper Pills

    Paper Pills Guest

    continuity would not matter because there are always going to be multiple versions of releases. Take for example Star Trek...nuff said.

    companies do not always use the same people to author their dvds, and their marketing department may come up with a better way to market the discs in a special case, or the accounting dept may think it will reduce costs to use double sided discs....etc... The idea is not to wish for anything from a studio so you can never be disappointed....hope for mediocrity and expect the worse is my motto.
  3. shorn

    shorn Guest

    I have the mother of all bitches when it comes to continuity!...
    I had season 1-9 of friends all in matching hard boxes, then they changed season 10 to thinpaks in a cardboard folded box.
    I wanted to cry.
  4. milaka99

    milaka99 Guest

    well i guess pills said it best "hope for mediocrity, and expect the worst"

    now if someone would convert the Spongebob Squarepants season 3, or upload the set so I can convert it, hey that would be grand!!!
  5. xtremetoonz

    xtremetoonz Guest

    Studio packaging departments are flippin' idiots when it comes to case continuity.

    Star Wars - prequels have gold spine - original SEs have silver !

    Futurama - they were going really nice until the fourth set - did they do it to piss off everybody?

    Simpsons - You could see and feel the ripple of negativity sweep over the DVD forums when Fox announced its Simpson family head-cases after five decent box sets. What overpaid dreamchild at Fox got the inspiration to go off on such a tangent?

    Friday the 13th movies - Paramount made a new beginning with their part 5-8 not matching 1-4 ! Dumbasses galore. They refused to answer fan complaints on industry-kissing DVD forums.

    Disney - If there's one studio that attempts to change its package styles every Tuesday, it's Disney. The animated classics make no attempt to match each other.

    Harry Potter - Azkaban didn't fit the cardboard digipack pullout boxes which Stone and the Chamber had! Sheesh!!!

    Star Trek: The Motion Picture - Paramount farted out something big, gold and gross, which made no attempt to match the remaining 8 movies in the series. Paramount neglected to correct the mismatch when they released each movie box set.

    Die Another Day - after 19 Bond movies, the braindeads at MGM decided to change the packaging so it didn't match. What sort of uncoordinated fools do they think us consumers are?

    Matrix, Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions (AKA cardboard snapper, cheap green doorway shot, and quad-panel action) I'm talking about the original releases, not the ultra-cool Neolithic box sets.
  6. milaka99

    milaka99 Guest

    so it's good to see that I am not alone on these thoughts!!!

    and don't get me started on "snapper cases" Warner STILL releases features in them up here in CANADA as does New Line...

    what's up with that??? then they close down coversites like DVDCOVERART where people go to get "snapper converts"

    **the original reason I went to Dvdcoverart way back in summer 2003

    the crazy thing is, people ACTUALLY get PAID to mess up these covers, and their continuity!!!

  7. Corvin

    Corvin Guest

    Quantum Leap is another offender. Season 1 & 2 are digipaks, season 3 are thinpaks.
  8. Rincewind

    Rincewind Guest

    Sometimes I think they do shit like so they can sell a full set that matches later, like Matrix, and I know Luca$ will with SW. They got one right LOTR the packing all matched even across that time span. So far the first 5 OZ seasons have been a perfect match even though they changed the number of episodes in season 4 they keep the disc count and packaging the same, with flippers. Now with only season 6 to go we can only hope.

    Edited: I do agree with Jupiter's post, but sometime's I like the packaging like LOTR EE, OZ ect and it's nice when it matches. For the rest thank god for custom artwork and multi-disc cases, because mine "will" match one way or the other simple as that :)
  9. JupiterPrime

    JupiterPrime Guest

    The above is all why we are "here"
  10. milaka99

    milaka99 Guest

    True Dat' Jupiter!!!

    now someone here upload those spongebobs...,
    and nypd blue (season 2)
    and what's happening seasons 1-3

    the one thing i like, is when someone creates a cover set for a whole series, like Michael Corvin's Cheers set, or Cellspawns Smallville, or Quantum Leap sets, and Ric's AMAZING star trek sets, just to name a few

    i just wish the movie companies would hire some of the talented artists here , to run things at their companies
  11. BlackWatch

    BlackWatch Guest

    The crux of it is that some the guys they have are pretty talented also, but constrained. Can you imagine what the corporate suits would do to some of our favorite artists?

    "Oh yes, Mr. Slater, that is a beautiful looking cover. However, according to our numbers, the cost to print all of those colors would be enormous. Also, I want you to include these quotes from the critic/my brother."

    You get the drift.
  12. milaka99

    milaka99 Guest

    yes, lol and even though this actor is in the film for only 2 minutes, because they are on the show th O.C. now, put their face LARGE on the cover, that way we'll sell more dvd's to those giggling 14 year old girls!!
  13. JupiterPrime

    JupiterPrime Guest

    when are they gonna get it that big heads dont sell DVDs? even to the baser form of public? People buy a DVD on one of 2 factors....THey want the movie, OR its a movie they's "like" and found it at the $5+ bin at walmart (good luck), which incidentally, is now the "2 for $11" bin - god damn greedy bastards...whatzzamatta? my $6 isnt good enough for you? you gotta skiz through my wallet and take a TEN too?
  14. Cover Newbie

    Cover Newbie Guest

    IMO I think they do get some sales that way, someone walks by the shelf and clearly sees (because of the huge head) one of their favorite actors/actresses and has to have the film.

    And the studios probably don't even realize that the consumer cares about such things as packaging continuity/spine continuity/the art as much as some actually do.
  15. milaka99

    milaka99 Guest

    well, if i am walking through a Wal-Mart, and i see a DVD with the guy from the O.C. on it, with a big head,

    I'll start running real fast through the store with my Blue cart
    (the wal-mart carts are blue in Canada) knocking over old ladies, children, and any "Cool Rider's" in my path...

    Though, i will slow down for any hot schoolgirls, in those schoolgirl outfits...

    and lay a " How You Doin' " on them...

    **suddenly I see this topic goin' on a different tangent now...
  16. Darth Slater

    Darth Slater this is me in 1988! man crazy huh? Subscribed

    Oh my god, my previuos posts in this topic, my name is milaka, and if im not mistaken, thats a greek word for shit... someone has a sense of humour lol
  17. Cor

    Cor Freshman Member

    for sure...

    yeh the whole Matrix cover thing pissed me off, the Friday the 13th set also, like mentioned above, and few other movie sequels that just didnt match with the originals
  18. Paper Pills

    Paper Pills Sophomore Designer

    imo, the big head phenomena is not for dvd sales. i beleive that the big heads are meant to draw attention on the rental shelf because in the "what's next" culture that Americans have, the general public needs something attention grabbing. For the most part, cover art does not play a large role in dvd purchasing.

    the studio artists are not unlike us...they probably want to design every cover such that it would knock a consumer's socks off, but contractual obligations as to where names have to be placed, what size the star's name has to be in terms of the title, ie, for most major releases, i was told the star's name can be no smaller than 15% of the title's size. I don't know if that percentage is exact...but there are crappy rules like that. (another rule, if i am not mistaken is that the main star has to have the largest photo element of any character on a cover if I am not mistaken)

    Let's not forget that at some point, a studio suit decided on a general template for their covers for continuity. so again, studio artists are confined by those template where logos have to go, the size and placement of the bar code, the presence or absence of a spine picture...etc.

    finally, regarding why custom covers will always surpass studio art. I do beleive, for the most part, no one sits here and cranks out covers out of stems from a desire to replace crappy covers. that desire really can't be realized by many studio artists as they have been confined to long and now just churn out whatever is the minimal expectation of their employer. Case in point, for me, the matrix reloaded had one of the best marketing campaigns with the teaser posters...then they completely cheesed out for the dvd release. then as others have stated...they clearly could not decide what the best option was for revolutions, so they just tossed them all in. they did what was the easiest thing to do. No motivation to do better because it won't be appreicated.

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