World War Z

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    [TABLE="width: 100%"]
    [TD="width: 200"][​IMG][/TD]
    [TD]Title: World War Z

    Genres: Action, Drama, Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller

    Director: Marc Forster

    Plot: A United Nations employee traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments, and threatening to destroy humanity itself.[/TD]
    [/TABLE][HR][/HR]let's just jump into this one.

    the good:
    the plot is original, not in the sense of 'the virus is out now we have zombies' sense but the twist. SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER the virus does not, or better yet, the infected do not attack/bite/see people with weaknesses, like being old (i can get that), being a child (that is retarded, a child is probably the best host, young, 'new', little opposition in taking it over, but whatever) or have an illness (not explored that much until the endo of the movie, but i'm pretty sure cancer is a no-no for the virus). it doesnt waste time on things you have already seen, like the news reports scenes, the doctor trying to cure it. no, they show the every day man with his family trying to survive. they show that when sh*t hits the fan, you are on your own. the acting all around is good, not great.

    the bad:
    the zombie. they get surper-powers once bitten. they are super fast, super durable, jump really high, go through walls. muscle decay, what's that? they are attracted to sound, ok. this is the most swept away thing in the movie. the characters know they are attracted by sound, and if one comes they all come, and yet they do not watch their step, they let people freaking sing with loud speakers in israel. it's just really really sloppy. and then there's brad pitt's character: CONVENIENCE-MAN. he is the luckiest man on the planet. he survived a grenade exploding 10 m from him, survives a plane crash with only a little rebar, numerously times makes noise but the zombies ignore it. and the gorverment thinks he is an action hero from the 90s. 'you have to do this. you are our only hope.' and then there's the goverment, the navy mostly. they threaten him the whole movie to take his family somewhere to do what they want him to do. and when he fails to check in, they do it. they play it up so much. the only thing they could've done more is flash on the screen: 'they are going to die'. nope, perfectly fine.

    all-in-all it is a good movie, despite my complaining. 3,5/5
  2. Buddy A Belew

    Buddy A Belew flaminbud Member

    For the most part I think this movie was really good. I got mixed reactions from people who had seen it before me, most comparing the movie to The Walking Dead. Basically saying that World War Z sucked. So I had this in mind when I watched the movie. I was really surprised at how good Z was. Sure the zombies were fast and the kill shots didn't show much blood and guts but all in all it was really good to me. What I liked the most was the movie really gets moving right from the beginning and is nonstop to the end. The makers theorize how the disease started, follow Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) in his journey to find a cure, and in the end find a way to defeat the zombies and show what becomes of them, not leaving you hanging. It could have been bloodier for me but I guess they wanted a PG-13 rating. I recommend seeing it. :whisper:
  3. ctsmith888

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    I've heard some complaints that it wasn't as close to the book as fans would have liked (many movies seem to be quite different from their books), but it was still a fun thrill ride. My wife and I both watch The Walking Dead and still enjoyed the film.
  4. ctaulbee

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    I know, why compare different media's, I mean film is film and books are books where is the rule that says they have to be the same, small minds...
  5. cavemanlawyer

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    I watched this recently and agree with most of your points hae but you are mistaken about the zombie"twist" being that they don't go after children or elderly, in addition to the terminally ill. They do show a child and a somewhat older man walking freely but in the end I think they make it pretty clear that its just the terminally ill that the zombies don't attack. Apparently that kid and older guy had some sort of illness. It seems like their relative ages were an attempt to throw the viewer off before they reveal the secret in the end.

    My biggest problem with the movie is how pointless the story arc is. Ok so Brad Pitt battles through hordes of zombies all across the world to discover that really sick people won't get attacked. Meanwhile there have got to be thousands of sick people safely standing around like, "hey I wonder why they aren't attacking us."
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  6. soilwork

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    Loved this on Bluray...
  7. itsmesassy

    itsmesassy Freshman Member

    It was a good movie I have to agree with the book issue, but it will always be different, they have to put detail to the book to keep you reading and basically "a mind Fk" and cant possibly put everything into the movie it would b too much, and i think it would b a longer movie and chances of becoming boring if too long. thats my view.
  8. nalla

    nalla Sophomore Member

    not normally a fan of zombie movies but this was epic, really enjoyed.
  9. RockCity

    RockCity Member Member

    The 3d was quite good in it too.
  10. HFallout

    HFallout Member Member

    Loved this movie.
  11. jcknad24

    jcknad24 Member Member

    this movie is awesome really :D
  12. santiagomovie

    santiagomovie Sophomore Member

    la pelicula tiene un estilo propio sobre los zombis, son rapidos, sus instintos son sensibles a cualquier cosa,. lo que hace de la pelicula intensa y inquietante,,atractiva e interesante diria yo des de el punto de vista virus. siempre nos mantuvo conectados con la historia se deselvuelbe rapido y entrega respuestas actuaccion es inteligente y entregada por parte de brat ojalo nos entregaran la segunda parte..despues de todo termina muy resumida.. dandonos a entender muchas cosas ,como final, no parece ser.espera su segunda entrega.
    excelente pelicula algo original.
  13. RockCity

    RockCity Member Member

    Great 3d on this one. And as the earlier comment made clear, the little girl was terminally ill. That's why they ignored her, not because she was a child.
  14. RayDawGGG

    RayDawGGG Member Member

    Never had The Chance To See This One...
  15. Vashiro

    Vashiro Member Member

    I enjoyed the movie as well. Sure it could have been done better in some areas, but I guess one has to think "What more could they really have done with a PG-13 rating on a zombie movie" Personally, I feel it's sad they had to do the whole "Let's Market This To Everyone" approach. All in all though I feel it was at least a moderate success :)
  16. darknessmovie

    darknessmovie Sophomore Member

    after seen this movie i thing i will never survive from this zombies

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