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Discussion in 'R1DB Site News' started by jayhawk, May 22, 2013.

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  1. jayhawk

    jayhawk Administrator Staff Member

    First - still working out the issues with credits being applied for logins (i.e. daily credits where you login you get some).

    Second - for those that have emailed asking for a way to donate to get more credits, I've created a bitcoin donate button at the top (check near twitter/facebook) that you can use. We'll work off a basic donation system, for every .1 bitcoin you send, we'll add 150 credits to your account. If you send 1 bitcoin, we'll add 2000 credits to your account (we'd hope that will last you a while).

    So, when you send bitcoins, make sure you follow up via PM with the chain and amount so we can credit the account. This is a manual process, so it could take us a couple hours to get to you depending on the time of day.

    Here's a chart:

    .1-.99 bitcoin donated = *150 (i.e. you send .2 you get 300 credits)
    1 bitcoin donated = 2000 credits
    2 bitcoin donated = 4000 credits (keeps doubling).

    Donate bitcoin Click here
  2. itsmesassy

    itsmesassy Freshman Member

    what are BITCOINs, i dont understand. I from Los Angeles, california, USA, can you please tell me how to get bitcoins and how much is that
  3. ctaulbee

    ctaulbee Demigod Moderator Staff Member Site Staff

  4. darknessmovie

    darknessmovie Sophomore Member

    what are BITCOINs i think in my country its not working
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