will streaming kill dvd/blu ray?

Discussion in 'Site Surveys' started by ashevildead123, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. drsrin

    drsrin Member Member

  2. drsrin

    drsrin Member Member

    Maybe but still need discs for travel, internet down, ..., like feeling of owning something.
  3. Fejinwales

    Fejinwales Member Designer

    I sincerely hope it doesn't. I love owning the DVD's and Blu-rays, especially those of my absolute favourite films such as The Lord of the Rings Extended Editions, Tombstone and Quigley Down Under, to mention but a few. I have never streamed anything in my life although I have the capability I've never bothered to set it up. It just doesn't interest me.
  4. cherokee

    cherokee Member Member

    Hope not, nice to have media on hand whenever you want. I still prefer hardcover books to anything electronic :)
    Internet caps and speeds are crap where I am.
  5. pykejoe

    pykejoe Member Member

    i keep hearing streaming will kill discs, but netflix does not carry every single thing you may want. Netflix doesn't have every single show or have every new movies has soon as its released. personally prefer hard copy over streaming any day. Streaming requires bandwidth usage and hoping that it will be available. I admit video stores are dying and some stores don't carry a very good selection of anything anymore which is what cause streaming and downloading. Some prices for shows and movies are still crazy which is another cause.
  6. Garp

    Garp Member Member

    Sure hope it doesn't. I like to see my movies and cds.
  7. tkboxer

    tkboxer Member Designer

    My guess is disc will disappear in 20 years or so. Eventually, technology will make it easier to watch video on demand worldwide on any device. In my area presently the ISP's have inconsistent bandwidth and there is a Redbox at almost every gas station and grocery store.
  8. pykejoe

    pykejoe Member Member

    i prefer discs over streaming any day, i stream because sometimes i can find stuff on netflix etc i can't find anywhere else or the prices of certain seasons or movies are very expensive.
  9. ashevildead123

    ashevildead123 Member Member

    i really don't know what to do about this?
  10. oldman1

    oldman1 Member Member

    Collectors of movies and books get the added enjoyment of the representation of accomplishment by having, and presumably watching, their collections. Some might smirk at this notion but those of us who like to collect understand. And that's what matters. I think it quite likely the physical discs may be gone but they said that about actual record albums as well.
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  11. HFallout

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    I guess it will...
  12. tightline_69

    tightline_69 Freshman Member

    I have to agree with oldman1. I enjoy collecting. some I have , have taken me some searching to acquire.
  13. paoki_oresths

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  14. ctaulbee

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    I know this is a fun topic for forum buzz but the fact is it will be a long time before the technology infrastructure needed to support streaming on the massive scale needed to reach enough of the worlds population will physically exist in the world where it can then have any noticeable impact on Disc sales.

    What Streaming has killed is the Disc Rental Market which has almost vanished and that is where all the recent growth in the streaming market has come from for the last three years or so an not from lost Disc sales but rather in the shift from renting actual discs to just clicking the remotes On-Demand button...
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  15. Matt

    Matt Member Restricted

    I loathe streaming so I will be up s*** creek. I'll jump that hurdle when we get there.
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  16. BIGSTU

    BIGSTU Member Member

    Dodgy internet connection...download caps...variable picture quality . .physical disc for me every time. Streaming
    is ok for people who watch on phones or tablets but for the real deal no way.
  17. cooldude

    cooldude Member Restricted

    yes, it will. but it will take time.
  18. LoPan787

    LoPan787 Member Restricted

    So long as net neutrality is maintained, I think we could see a future 20-50 years from now where physical releases are not too common. They would be limited to collector's editions and extremely boutique releases. Right now, though, streaming is so inferior to a physical disc that the market is staying strong for collectors and such.

    More likely, however, I think we'll see streaming become the dominant format for newer releases. Those films don't need an expensive restoration and remastering. I doubt streaming licenses will be lucrative enough for companies to want to invest in restoring silent films, obscure films, etc. If the streaming licenses did get high enough to cover those costs then the consumer will ultimately front that hike in price. When you're only paying 15 bucks or maybe 30-50 for all your subscriptions, it is highly unlikely you'll want to increase that to 100 or 150. At that price we're back to the problem of cable.

    Building on the above point, it is worth noting that right now we're seeing streaming splinter incredibly from a select few services that cover a great deal of material to more and more specified services. Oh, you want Criterion releases? Well here's another subscription beyond Hulu and Netflix now. Want HBO? Subscribe to HBO Go or Now or whatever. This will keep growing and growing and growing.
  19. DonZoilo

    DonZoilo Member Restricted

    Don't think so.... it's like matches and lighters. Matches will always exist.
  20. Comared

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    I really hope not, I prefer my physical copies to digital anyday
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