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Discussion in 'High Def and Theater talk' started by rickssg, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. rickssg

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    I have most of the Disney animated features on DVD, and I am using a matching set of covers. I recently purchased Pinocchio on blu-ray, and I considered putting the disc in a standard DVD case so that it will match the rest of the set. However, I couldn't bring myself to make a cool blu-ray disc dress up like a mere DVD. I could put all the DVDs in the collection in blu-ray cases, but something about that is just not right. There are times when I likely will put blu-rays in a DVD case, such as when the next Harry Potter movie comes out, I will put it in my combo case with Ric Easton's slick covers. Also, the next season of Smallville will likely go in a 6-disc DVD case to be part of a set.

    Do any of you ever put your blu-rays in DVD cases or vice versa?
  2. ApolloOne

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    Because all my DVDs and BDs sit on shelves together, I like the distinction between the two. A quick glance tells me which is which. So I can't imagine I'd ever put one format in another's case.

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  3. koentjexl

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    Difference in look and size isn't a problem for me either.
    The only time I'll put bluray disks in a dvd cover is with spacesavers, but other than that, no.
  4. KainScion

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    i dont keep the crappy cases of blu rays. i buy the sturdiest awesomest blu ray cases ever. and they're white!!1

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