What printer are you using?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by burton666, Dec 1, 2005.

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  1. burton666

    burton666 Guest

    I have a Epson R300 and is pretty pleased with it, but what are you guys using?
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  2. Treehanger

    Treehanger Member Member

    Epson R200 - great apart from the cost of ink.
  3. pinata242

    pinata242 New Member Member

    Xerox WorkCentre Pro C2128 PS

    Not the greatest quality, but can't beat the cost of ink and paper :p
  4. bluenote

    bluenote New Member Member

    An Epson CX6600. Pretty happy with it so far. So far the ink goes alot farther than with my Lexmark I had :)
  5. donobieus

    donobieus R1DB Lifer

    I have an epson cx4600 that works great. Covers come out great.
  6. RickWJ324

    RickWJ324 Member Member

    I also use an Epson R200. Cheap printer, but the printing is great!! I bought it mainly to print my discs, but eventually I started using it for everything (I have an HP printer also, but packed it up after switching totally to the Epson).

  7. nhatduongchi

    nhatduongchi Member Member

    Using two at this point = Epson 880 (cover) and R200 (DVD) but I will replace the 880 with the Canon 3000 (for cover) soon
  8. MbMan

    MbMan New Member Member

    I am currently using my Epson R200 for most of my printing needs. That, combined with a CIS, and printing is very cheap. I also use a HP2175 (one of those 3-in-1 jobbies) which I got from a friend who wanted to dump his pc & equipment. Becauseof the cost of the HP's carts I basically use it more for photocopying & scanning. I print something in colour just so the ink doesn't dry up.
  9. Demonology

    Demonology Freshman Master Designer

    I'm using a epson r200 and i've always been pleased with it as for ink computer shop me is selling the continous ink system £50 for the system and 6 100 ml bottle and replacement bottles are only £6.
    see link beloew so you know what i mean !!!!
  10. kaleigha

    kaleigha Member Member

    Damn. Exactly the same for me. The HP is history, long live the R200
  11. burton666

    burton666 Guest

    What is the difference between thr R300 and the R200? Is it just the LCD and card-reader?
  12. riridanpras

    riridanpras New Member Member

    I have HP DeskJet 880c it's pathetic he..he..
  13. BeBoP

    BeBoP New Member Member

    I know of a guy who sell's ink dirt cheap on ebay, it's not epson brand but it looks just as good if not better. If your interested PM me.

    oh and I use an Epson R200 printer and have had no complaints. :D
  14. steverino100

    steverino100 New Member Member

    I am using an HP PSC-2510. It is more expensive on ink but lets me save space by having a fax, copier, printer, scanner all in one.
  15. johnfirewire

    johnfirewire Guest

    I use the Epson R200 as well. I tried some of the new Maxell Inkjet Printable DVDs at Walmart and they are very nice at about $15 for a 25 pack. They have a special coating that allows for a great photo quality print with a waterproof kind of texture. I think I like these better than the Ritek Ridata's that I normally use.
  16. deboer69

    deboer69 Womanizer Designer

    I use a r200 to print on discs and I just bought a continous ink system for it but I haven't hooked it up yet. As for everything else I use a HP Deskjet 932c. I love the quality and I just buy/use replacement ink and refill the cartridge so its dirt cheap. The cartridge that I have in there right has probably been refilled about 25 times and there's really no quality loss.
  17. BrikHaus81

    BrikHaus81 New Member Member

    I have an HP deskjet 5150 and it does a really nice job.
  18. asroma123

    asroma123 Guest

    HP psc 750
  19. Alter_Sack

    Alter_Sack New Member Member

    The Epson R200 is great.

    One ink cartridge cost in Germany 2,62$, 1,51 GBP, 2,24€
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  20. Blacknight

    Blacknight Member Member

    Still using my trusty Canon S900 and still very happy with it.
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