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Discussion in 'Site Surveys' started by McNish, Mar 20, 2006.

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  1. McNish

    McNish Member Member

    Which 3 movies are your favorite movies from over the last 10 years?

    This would be the Lord Of The Rings trilogy in my case.
  2. Paper Pills

    Paper Pills Sophomore Designer

    tough one...but if i had to count LOTR, it would only count as 1 movie.
    I'd put crash up there and a beautiful mind
  3. gbk33

    gbk33 Site Moderator Staff Member Site Staff

    LOTR counts as 1 for me too....so mine would be:

    Episode III (yes, it was not as good as the originals, but it gave me a feeling of completeness with the Star Wars saga)
  4. Irrob

    Irrob New Member Member

    jeez, tough to call favorites. 3 Movies I'll watch any day any time:
    Silence of the Lambs
  5. Paper Pills

    Paper Pills Sophomore Designer

    silence of the lambs is excellent, but not within the last 10 years hence it was not included in my top 3
  6. gbk33

    gbk33 Site Moderator Staff Member Site Staff

    Silence of The Lambs was 91 and Goodfellas was 90. Albeit possibly 2 of the greatest movies of all time - just not in the last 10 years
  7. JupiterPrime

    JupiterPrime New Member Designer

    I dont care when they came out....

    Top 3:
    Pulp Fiction

    Honorable Mention:
    Fight Club
  8. Irrob

    Irrob New Member Member

    damn, thats tough! well by artrition its gotta be
    The Matrix
  9. switch73

    switch73 Freshman Member

    The Matrix

    Honorable Mention

    Hotel Rwanda
    Blackhawk Down
  10. Paper Pills

    Paper Pills Sophomore Designer

    :fun_84: the question clearly stated ten years.

    well, if that's the case, my answers are

    jello, cindy crawford's mole and bugs bunny.
  11. donobieus

    donobieus R1DB Lifer

    The Patriot
    The Matrix

    Honorable Mention:
    Van Wilder
    Independence Day
    and Cindy Crawford's Mole :jump:
  12. VerZeLe

    VerZeLe Guest

    for me that would be

    batman begins
    the matrix
  13. missfunk

    missfunk New Member Member

    too many to choose ok ...

    The Fifth Element (I can watch that movie again and again plus it has Bruce Willis in his obligatory vest and done by Luc Besson 'nuff said)


    The Matrix (hmm imagine if Chow Yun Fat had taken the role of Morpheus..weird)

    *those probably aren't my top 3 but I think picking a top 3 isn't possible because when you pick a film it reflects a mood, and that mood could lead you to picking Oldboy or to picking Spirited Away*
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2006
  14. Tomay01

    Tomay01 Member Member

    Tough to make this list, as a lotta my fav movies are a lot older than 10 years!

    Anyway, I managed to come up with my top 3.

    They are:

    The Green Mile
    Sleepy Hollow
    Requiem for a Dream

  15. RickT

    RickT R1DB Lifer

    It is a tough call but mine would be: Gladiator, LOTR(all 3 as 1) & Independence Day. There are so many others though....
  16. JupiterPrime

    JupiterPrime New Member Designer

    and what part of my statement of not caring when they came out was difficult to absorb?

    thats like asking who are the greatest World Series Champions? Easy - the Yankees....but then ask me who are the greatest World Series Champions from 2005 onward?

    hmm...well we've only had one World Series from that time and the winners arent necessarilly the greatest, now are they?

    Cant really put a time constraint on your most favorite movies....they are your most favorite regardless of whether they are 2 years old or 200, and with the crap coming out these days, its very unlikely ill find a NEW favorite any time soon
  17. darmok

    darmok Member Designer

    Tough call, 10 years is too constrictive, but if I had to ;

    Fight Club.
  18. jdsun1

    jdsun1 New Member Member

    Amores Perros, Traffic, and Crash.

    I like sad movies about real life. :(
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  19. joliom

    joliom Freshman Member

    Passion of the Christ
    The Green Mile
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  20. McNish

    McNish Member Member

    Well, if i count the 3 movies of LOTR as 1 my top 3 is
    The Matrix Revolutions
    Batman Begins
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