What do you use to print Blu-ray covers ?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by alexs, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. alexs

    alexs Freshman Member

    I have used DVD cover print for my DVD backups for a number of years now. What software do you guys use to print your blu-ray covers ? And where can I purchase quality Blu-ray cases in the US? Need a recommendation please . Thanks.
  2. rickssg

    rickssg Freshman Designer

    You can use MS Paint to print them (and DVD covers for that matter). You just have to make sure that the settings are correct:

    Open the image in MS Paint
    Go to File: Page Setup
    Select legal-sized paper
    Select landscape orientation
    Set all margins to zero (Paint will reset them to the printer's minimum)
    Select "OK"
    And of course, make sure that you max out the image quality in your printer settings.

    This works every time if the resolution of the jpg file is set to 300 dpi (which all covers here should be). I have had some covers that I downloaded (don't remember which site) where the number of pixels was correct (e.g., 2175x3240), but the resolution was set incorrectly. You can deal with this in one of two ways. If you have image editing software, you can simply change the resolution setting (making sure that the total number of pixels remains unaltered). In Paint, you can simply scale the print in the "Page Setup" dialog. For example, 96 is 32% of 300, so if your image is set to 96 dpi, you can set the scaling to 32% and it will print fine (I have actually done this, and there is no loss of quality or size distortion).

    I'm not sure if you will actually need legal-sized paper for blu-ray covers. It depends on how close to the edge your printer can print.

    As for cases, I bought some blu-ray cases from US Plastic, and I was happy with them. Some of the cases were broken on arrival due to inadequate packaging, and I emailed photos of the damaged cases to US Plastic. They sent replacements right away with lots of extra packaging. These cases have the locking tab that can be folded out of the way if you don't want to use it. Link is here. The trick is optimizing shipping cost. When I bought these cases, I added like three of them to my cart and then calculated shipping. Then I added one case and re-calculated shipping. I kept doing that until I found the best shipping price compared with order price. I think I ended up ordering eight cases because the shipping for 7 was more than for 8, and the shipping for 9 was also more than for 8.

    Others have pointed out this site for blu-ray multi-cases, but I have not ordered from them.
  3. alexs

    alexs Freshman Member

    Thanks, rickssg. Unfortunately, I don't have MS Paint.
  4. rickssg

    rickssg Freshman Designer

    Well, you can use GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), which is free and runs on multiple platforms including Linux and Mac OS X (I assume based on your lack of MS Paint that you are not running Windows - although there is a Windows version of GIMP as well). Go to http://www.gimp.org/downloads/ and click on "Show Other Downloads." Once you have installed GIMP, open the JPG file in GIMP (GIMP takes a while to load since it is a full-blown image editing program comparable to Photoshop). Interestingly, once you have opened the image in GIMP, the steps for printing are identical to the steps for MS Paint (at least for the Windows version of GIMP).

    A side note: you will notice that when GIMP starts up, it opens several windows. One is the main file window, and the others are tools windows. If you are not going to edit the image, you can ignore (but do not close) the tools windows.
  5. alexs

    alexs Freshman Member

    Thanks again, rickssg.
  6. johnnyjt

    johnnyjt New Member Member

    Cover Print Software

    I use the Cover Print Software that comes with Epson Artisan 810.
    Works pretty good.

    JohnnyJT 8)
    South Philly
  7. scarmullet

    scarmullet Freshman Member

    I use 65 cents and staples.
  8. tightline_69

    tightline_69 Freshman Member


    NRLFAN Member Member

    I also use UndercoverXP as it is very easy to use and has all the formats you could want, also I created a templat to print 10mm spines at 14m spines
  10. g4wfw

    g4wfw New Member Member

    I use Photoshop with a Bluray cover/jacket template that I found by searching the net. The template can be tweaked for different cases/splines if required.
  11. Hailstorm

    Hailstorm The Sarge Staff Member Site Staff

    I just use Photoshop and the printing software for my Canon printer
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  12. g4wfw

    g4wfw New Member Member

    I'm also using a Canon printer (Pixma IP6700D) but with copy inks . Still playing with the printer driver settings to get the best color reproduction but find it very paper/ink type dependent but not a huge problem when printing covers as the color is not as critical as it is with photos and near enough is good enough.
  13. WoGGo

    WoGGo New Member Member

    Another vote for UndercoverXP... it's just too easy.
  14. g4wfw

    g4wfw New Member Member

    Have dl'd a copy of UndercoverXP and will give it a try as it seems rather popular on here.
  15. subzero20

    subzero20 Sophomore Member

    I use Paint.NET to print my covers, free, and (if the covers are scanned correctly) easy to print to dimensions.

    As far as BD Cases. Look at amazon, I last ordered 25 single disc BD Cases for 15 bux, and 20 blank BDRs (verbatim) for 10 USD. Amazon has great deals, you just have to check regularly.
  16. RunsilenT

    RunsilenT New Member Member

    I use Coverxp, easily googled the template settings for Bluray. Works well
    just like Undercoverxp. Goodluck. Sorry Im in UK, im sure i saw another post on
    usa cases sizes from 1-8 discs and cheap.
  17. thedemise

    thedemise Member Member

    I use a Epson R2880 which prints them flawlessly on HP double sided glossy paper. It's also great because it has 9 (i think) different ink cartridges so I can print a lot more covers now before replacing individual cartridges. I'm really glad they did away with 1 cartridge for all color ink, I wasted so much money and ink on those things.
  18. Hapkido

    Hapkido Member Designer

    I use Nero Cover Designer to print all my covers and labels.

    Cases and media I purchase from Rima.com. They have excellent prices and great selection of merchandise. Shipping is most always VERY fast too.
  19. wray2k2

    wray2k2 New Member Member


    I use Nero Cover Designer to print all my covers and for labels i buy the printable dvd and blu-rays.

    I use the canon dvd label print with user settings so that i cover all the white section.
  20. zhao1984

    zhao1984 Member Member

    I USE UndercoverXP

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