What do you do with the stupid digital copy?

Discussion in 'DVD talk' started by Hailstorm, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. Hailstorm

    Hailstorm The Sarge Staff Member Site Staff

    Since allot of us DVD Collectors have absolutely no use for the damn things, thought it would be fun to see just what people do with them, I my self send them to my daughter who puts them in her computer for the kids to download to their i Pods.
  2. rickssg

    rickssg Freshman Designer

    I usually just leave them there in the DVD case that they came in, unused and useless. If I put the movie discs in a combo case, then there is not room for the digital copy disc, so I just leave it in the original case that they came in, and stick it in a box in the basement, unused and useless.
  3. Starscream

    Starscream Freshman Member

    I also leave them in the case
  4. Wantedangelus

    Wantedangelus Member Member

    I go ahead and get them on iTunes so that I can put them on my iPad. Makes waiting room visits fly by! Also helps when babysitting and I have a cartoon in my library. Ultraviolet sucks! Who has high-speed available on all of their mobile devices all of the time?
  5. coverwizard

    coverwizard Member Member

    Same for me guys, I'm getting a lot of digital copies everytime I buy a DVD. Like a lot of people I download a lot of movies, and of the one I like I always buy the original DVD, so why download the digital copy if you have already the first downloaded one :)
  6. biggarfield22665

    biggarfield22665 Member Member

    i give mine away to my brother or my kids to put on their ipads
  7. ctsmith888

    ctsmith888 Member Member

    I download some of them into iTunes to watch on the laptop when travelling and others never get redeemed.
  8. Stephane Lavoie

    Stephane Lavoie Member Member

    I left them there and if i come across them when they are finished i throw them away.
  9. alienmem

    alienmem Sophomore Member

    Don't touch it ever...let it stay where it is
  10. Picksbluray

    Picksbluray Member Member

    Place in a old Verbatim blank disc case holder.
  11. adolfo80

    adolfo80 Member Member

    Keep them unused; 'till I change to a custom case. Then, throw them away! Some people find it useful, but it's not for me. I preffer a DVD/BD combo than a Digital Disc or code.
  12. cow82288boys

    cow82288boys Member Member

    I actually use them on my Ipad.
  13. kathysvideos13

    kathysvideos13 Member Member

    I throw mine away and put the blu ray movie in a single authenic Blu-ray case and keep the dual cases in case I need them for something big down the road. :cool:
  14. piolofloyd

    piolofloyd Member Member

    Very bad this!
  15. cronorey

    cronorey Sophomore Member

    I use them in the Ipad or ps vita of my sons
  16. itsmesassy

    itsmesassy Freshman Member

    I keep them and make copies for friends; I hate bluray..... So DVD for me, makes me happy
  17. subzero20

    subzero20 Sophomore Member

    I dont think I have ever used them. The BluRays I by I just make my own x264 encode off of. I get to control the size/extras/audios/subs as well as whether or not I actually own it and how often I get to watch it :)
  18. Irule22

    Irule22 Member Member

    I'll buy them from you!! Haha. Seriously, I'll buy any unused and valid digital copies!! I'll pay $1 each, send me a PM if interested in selling!! o_O
  19. alkventi

    alkventi Member Member

    I leave them in the case. When I trade in to FYE they usually take the code for themselves and Moviestop will resell them separately for a lower price than they physical copies.
  20. Irule22

    Irule22 Member Member

    Again....I'll buy them!! o_O

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