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  1. TylerDurden

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    I downloaded some excellent LOST TV Custom Covers that are 3370x2175.

    What size DVD case does this fit? Where can I get DVD cases that hold multi discs for this size cover. I believe each season so far has had 7 discs.

  2. movieman

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    for a cover that is 3370x2175 I use a double(9mm) case.

    v Try this site. it's great v


    I just notest you are a Texan, ^This is a Canadian site^ so it mite not work for you since the Canadian dollar is higher then yours. So just go to you nearest computer store they should have you DVD cases there.
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  4. donobieus

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    3370 is the standard size for a slim 5/6 disc case with a 300 pixel spine

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