What Are The Most Disturbing Films You've Ever Seen?

Discussion in 'Site Surveys' started by gorre, May 1, 2005.

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  1. rugburn

    rugburn New Member Member

    In regards to Hostel...great movie by the way....they are working on Hostel 3 right now
  2. danwiz

    danwiz Member Member

    Urotsukidoji - Perfect Collection!

    It's animation, but it's very sicko!! Surprised nobody has mentioned it yet!
  3. beowulf

    beowulf Member Member

    The girl next door (2007 not the Elisha Cuthbert one), basically about two orphaned girls who end up in a foster home with (i think) their aunt. The torture and abuse in this got to me more than anything i've ever seen. I liked the movie, well put together etc, but im never going to watch it again.
  4. Complete

    Complete New Member Member

    Beowulf Was it more disturbing than this one?

    Martyrs (2008) - IMDb

    Its the most disturbing film I have ever seen, Cannibal Holocaust is for children.
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  5. mantra

    mantra Member Member

    2 very disturbing movie:

    American Gothic (AKA: Hide & Shriek) 1987
    The Tenant - Roman Polanski 1976
  6. mantra

    mantra Member Member

    ..i remember

    - the Shocking Asia 2 or 3 - The Last Taboos (Mondo Asia)
    it was disgusting & disturbing...

    - Maniac (1980)
    - Dagon (2001)
  7. BrianAg95

    BrianAg95 Member Member

    The Ring, freaked me out.... don't know what in particular about it, but ugh... nightmares...

    Saw the first half of Frozen the other day, until the guy jumps off the chairlift and the ensuing carnage scene. Wouldn't say it was nightmares type disturbing, but I did turn it off after that scene. Uhmm Hello if both legs are broken don't try to do ab crunches to reach something, spin around dork!
  8. jay20aiii

    jay20aiii New Member Member

    Saw (the first few were original with great twists. Then they got a bit OTT with the gut splattering)
    Childs Play ("I'm Chucky.. Wanna Plaaaaay?")
    Hostel (I only saw the first 10 minutes but that was enough lol)
    IT (but only cause I was young and owned a clown teddy when I watched it!)
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (OK so maybe not a disturbing film, but any film that claims to be a comedy and ends up just being really really weird has to be distrubing in my books lol)

    Thats all I can think of... but i'm sure if I flicked through IMDB I could find tons more, I must have suppressed them all lol
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