What Are The Most Disturbing Films You've Ever Seen?

Discussion in 'Site Surveys' started by gorre, May 1, 2005.

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  1. ayk_md@hotmail.com

    ayk_md@hotmail.com New Member Member

    1. Cannibal Holocaust
    2. I spit on your grave
    3. Audition

    I've heard about Begotten but haven't gotten to see it .... yet.
  2. moviefan2k4

    moviefan2k4 Guest

    1. some kinda horror flick with De Niro and Dakota Fanning; don't remember the title. Only saw it once, and never will again.

    2. Mind Hunters...no frickin' way am I watching that again.
  3. sb4100

    sb4100 New Member Member

    house on haunted hill
  4. tboy24

    tboy24 Freshman Scanner

    Hostel - LOVED IT, but I am a sick and twisted individual anyway. The sickest and most disturbing movie I ever saw was Cannibal Ferox, aka Make Them Die Slowly. I still can't make it through that movie without gagging. Another one that gets to me is the uncut version of Intruder. That stock boy's face going through the meat cutter, and with close-ups no less, still gives me the willies. Whew!
  5. boredfilmmaker

    boredfilmmaker New Member Member

    Three Extremes..
  6. modtang

    modtang Member Member

    Nothing disturbs me. I've heard Salo is pretty harsh but I don't really have any desire to see it. Same with those Guinea Pig films.
  7. cynic

    cynic Member Member

    Seen nearly all those mentioned, however the winner has to be..

    Men Behind The Sun

    Sample comments from IMDB......

    a man is put into decompression chamber and the pressure is steadily increased until he shoots intestines out of his anus.

    There is also incredibly graphic autopsy of a young mute boy-a real cadaver was used for this sequence.

    The scene where a real cat is attacked and consumed by literally thousands of starving rats is incredibly vile and unnecessary
  8. forestlem

    forestlem New Member Member

    I totally agree with you those movies are so wrong ..... I only saw the first one and that really disturbe me for weeks. really really WRONG movie
  9. forestlem

    forestlem New Member Member

    same as you when I first saw the elephant man I was 6 and my parents were wathcing it . I remenber clearly that at night i was seeing John Merrick face in my head and that scares the shit out of me, and now that I am 22 I really love that movie . one of the sadest movie ever made
  10. grenadesandham

    grenadesandham New Member Member

    gotta go with the exorcist cause I was like 9 or 10
    when I saw it
  11. J-Roen

    J-Roen Member Member

    Passion of the Christ (2004)
    was the most horrible movie i ever seen
  12. forestlem

    forestlem New Member Member

    I have never seen that movie because I'm really not into religious things. do you think I should watch it ?
  13. noelevz

    noelevz New Member Member

    Slaughtered Vomit Dolls directed by Lucifer Valentine. Man, have you ever had a drunk friend threw up... well watching someone chuck on screen wasn't even that bad. In person you can smell that crap, which usually makes you wanna hurl as well... this movie is full of it.
  14. dellamorte

    dellamorte New Member Member

    i spit on your grave and scrapbook
  15. belgarath

    belgarath New Member Member

    Kak Madame

    During the inauguration at the KLM Flight Academy they made me watch this movie during the only good meal in 3 days...
    Besides being a german movie, which is bad enough, the shit that this girl was throwing around... well... what can I say....

    I did finish my plate though
  16. morfoz

    morfoz New Member Member

    Cry wolf
  17. DiffrentDrumr

    DiffrentDrumr Freshman Designer

    who is gorre and how did my original survey and post become his???
  18. kirchcatch

    kirchcatch New Member Member

    High Tension is brutal
  19. felcherman

    felcherman New Member Member

    Irreversible. A french movie, a couple of traumatic scenes in that, nasty rape scene and then very nasty fight scene with a fire extinguisher.

    Salo: 120 days of sodom is quite disturbing but is more bizarre than disturbing.
  20. rugburn

    rugburn New Member Member

    Can you remember the year of the movie Intruder....


    or is it this one


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