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    VENOM (2005)
    Boredom + OnDemand = me watching VENOM. Actually, I was surprised that I enjoyed this. It is your typical beautiful boys & girls safe horror but it does have a couple of things going for it. First, it has a nice, original voodoo plot and great Southern atmosphere (it was filmed in Louisiana; Miramax dumped it in limited release after Hurricane Katrina...huh?). Second, it runs a quick 87 minutes. Finally, the film has a vicious streak in it. For example


    the end takes place in a underground vault. The possessed killer keeps the bodies of his victims in a pile. To escape capture the young heroine hides among the bodies. Her unconscious boyfriend is thrown on top of her. Later she has to witness her boyfriend wakes up and gets a screwdriver in the brain right in front of her eyes. Nothing groundbreaking but for a Dimension release, where it is expected the young lovers both survive, it certainly is. Another highlight is the teens using a recently deceased friend as a human voodoo doll that they repeatedly stab with a knife.


    Director Jim Gillespie also did I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER. It is kinda sad that it is 10 years later and he has come back full circle with his only "major" accomplishment in between being Stallone's D-TOX.

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