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    VAMPIRELLA (1996)
    Holy crap! Vlad (Roger Daltrey) kills off a High Elder (Angus Scrimm sporting a comb over) on vampire planet Drakulon and splits to Earth. 30 Centuries later Vampirella (Talisa Soto), the High Elder's daughter, travels to earth to enact revenge. She discovers Vlad is keeping his identity secret by performing as a vampire rocker in Las Vegas. Real low profile (and dubious casting) there. Vampirella then teams up with Van Helsing's son Adam. Yes, Adam Van Helsing. Wow, I had heard terrible things about this film but none of it could prepare me for how truly awful this film is. Even in the hands of the usually dependable Jim Wynorski this is a dud. Perhaps it is the script by Gary Gerani? Okay maybe not is the terrible script. Classic dialogue example:

    Vlad: This is rather sad in a way. In another reality I could have called you friend.
    Van Helsing: In any reality I call you scum!

    Of course watching Daltrey deliver it as if someone had stuck a frozen steak down his shirt helps (or hinders). Soto is very attractive but completely wrong for Vampirella. She just don't have the goods for the role. This is soooo bad and probably killed off the chance of a good VAMPIRELLA film ever being made (I'm surprised one hasn't been green lit in the last few BUFFY years). And that is a shame because it should be a surefire cult hit. Cameos include John Landis, John Terlesky, Forrest Ackerman and lots of footage from Roger Corman movies.
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