Uninvited (1988)

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    UNINVITED [1988] - Five college spring breakers (3 guys, 2 girls) end up in the lap of luxury as they get onto the boat of Wall Street sleazeball Walter Graham (Alex Cord), who is heading to the Cayman Islands to illegally take out all of his money before the SEC busts him. Also along for the journey are Mike (George Kennedy) and Albert (Clu Gulager), Graham's muscle, and Rachel (Toni Hudson), the ship's owner being blackmailed by Graham. Oh, and there is also a genetically enhanced cat that spits out another mutated cat from its mouth (!) that one of the girls brought on board. I think this is the first "genetically enhanced monster escapes the lab" film I've seen where the entire chaos results from a lab assistant not closing a door. Yup, no fancy breakouts here, just a guy forgetting to close the door in the examination room and workers not quick enough to catch a cat. Director-writer Greydon Clark (who plays one of the dumb lab men) is going strictly by the numbers here, but this is fun for the most part. The biggest assets are the three veteran performers in their roles. Gulager sports some weird teeth and Kennedy is hilariously angry all the time ("I hate stupid young punks like you!"). Best of the bunch is Cord as the sleazy millionaire with a voice that would make country club managers shiver. Austin Stoker also shows up in one scene at the end.
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    great movie
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    spits out another mutated cat from its mouth? wow. 1988 was beast.

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