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  1. bi0hzrd51

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    I am looking to get started designing some covers however my photoshop skills are not exactly great. I have the basic understanding of photoshop. What I am asking is are there any good tutorials out there for the bllend, cutting, and all that good stuff that goes along with the process. I have looked at good-tutorials but nothing that I found suited this. Any help would be greatly apprieciated. Thanks.
  2. bi0hzrd51

    bi0hzrd51 Member Member

  3. samson83

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    Just do a google search of "photoshop tutorials". Many articles will offer a video or step by step guide. Or you could probabl take a class at a tech school near you.
  4. macintja

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    Also check out lynda.com - excellent learning tutorials on how to use photoshop in general

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