[Tutorial] How to mix subtitles with AVI files in 2 minutes!

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  1. KingFire

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    How to mix subtitles with avi files in 2 minutes! so you can play it on most DIVX standalone players, or on your PS2/PS3.

    Mixing subtitles was a PAIN IN THE *** in the past. because you have to make it HARDCODED subtitles, which means that you have to re-encode the whole AVI, resulting in a quality and time loss.

    There's an easier and new way to mix/slipstream subtitles into your avi files, and it's by adding them as addition streams to your avi. so you'd at the end have three streams into your avi:

    1 stream for VIDEO
    1 stream for AUDIO
    1-8 stream[s] for SUBTITLES

    Enough with the tech talk. lets get to work!.


    1. Get the right subtitle! duh! try extracting it from the movie's DVD (legally you must have the DVD so that you could make the avi file in the first place), or try downloading it from the net, my favorite subtitle site:



    2. Download AVIAddXSubs and extract it anywhere.


    3. Make sure that the subtitles and the movie have the SAME NAME


    4. go to where you just extracted the program (in my case C:\subs) and run "AVIAddXSubs.exe", there are other useful utilities included but we don't need them now.


    I quote from the readme file:

    5. Choose your avi file ( you can just drag and drop)


    6. go to the configuration 1 tab

    If your subtitle is a .srt, configure the first SUB 1 tab, you can add up to 8 srt subtitles as you can see.


    If your subtitles are in idx/sub format (like in my case), than click on the idx/sub tab and configure there.


    I can't explain all these settings better than the included README file, so I quote for lazy people:

    This option is only avilable in the idx/sub tab:

    7. Click on the Configuration 2 tab

    Make sure that "unpack packed bitstream" is CHECKED, packed bitsream can cause problems (stuttering, skipping) on most old DIVX standalone players.

    I don't play with the other options, here's a brief explanation to all options of the configuration 2 tab from the readme file:

    Now after making sure everything is alright, go back to Create DivX with Subtitles tab, and click: Create subtitled DIVX File.


    Just wait for few minutes, there's no re-encoding involved here, it just adds the subtitles as new streams.


    Now you can delete the original AVI and the subtitles if you want to.
    take the new genrated DIVX file and play it on your PS3/PS2 or standalone DIVX players and test it to see if it works.
    That's it.

    Sorry for my English.

    For more information :

    The official website

  2. g-tah

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    i have 2 SAP (stand alone player) that support mpeg4-asp (divx/xvid) and both work just fine with external .srt subtitles.
    they have to be named exactly like the .avi though or it wont work.

    oh and btw. what makes a mpeg4-asp file work on a SAP depends on the features used when encoding the
    file. most SAP dont like qpel or variable/high bitrates (video & audio) and on the chip thats in your SAP.
  3. KingFire

    KingFire New Member Member

    All stand alone players I've seen in my entire life doesn't support many languages correctly when using them with .srt subtitles, it just looks wrong sometimes, or unreadable other times.

    plus, you have to use this tool so you can view the subtitled movie on PS3/PS2 without any problems.

    Agreed with the rest, but some advance players support all these features, like the PS3/PS2 and some other expensive SAP.

    thanks for your comment.

  4. bodget

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    Great post and very informative many thanks for the share.
  5. petersg

    petersg Guest

    hi i had try it.it work but the subtitle appear on the middle of the screen.
    my video relution is 664x268 what setting do i need to adjust so that it will appear on the bottom of the screen.
    please advise.

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