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    THIRST (1979)
    An Australian modern-day vampire tale which deals with a international vampire cabal, complete with human "blood cows" that are used to feed the elites that make up the vampire community.
    It was interesting, though padded-out, and not at all scary.
    I have a question if anyone else has seen this: it's never explained what the benefits of being a vampire are (eternal life, super-human strength, etc.) in the context of the film. Did I miss something? I kept waiting for one of the characters to reveal why someone would want to join the vampire society, but it never comes.
    On a side note, about halfway through I realized that I had seen this before -- during the first days of cable TV (at least in the suburbs of Detroit). THIRST, along with THE LONG WEEKEND and TOURIST TRAP were in heavy rotation at that time.
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