Thinpak Templates.

Discussion in 'Cover Elements' started by ctaulbee, Dec 29, 2005.

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  1. ctaulbee

    ctaulbee Demigod Moderator Staff Member Site Staff

    Some Thinpak Case Template Files.

    These are for single and double thinpak cases and are basic versions with only spine guides and are saved as PSD files for Photoshop. Note they can also be used for getting scans lined up with spines centered ect.

    All are saved as rar files and will need to be unpacked with Winrar or some other archiving program before they can be used.

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  2. digger

    digger New Member Member

    needed them thanx
  3. MrTorso

    MrTorso Member Member

    So in the sticky thread here says that Thinpak Singles are 3150 x 2175 but the template here is 3215 x 2175. So which is it?


  4. Q-D

    Q-D New Member Member

    thank you ctaulbee!
  5. dragonbane

    dragonbane Member Member

    cheers mate that template will come in handy thanks again mate
  6. phabs

    phabs New Member Member

    uau, thank.
  7. rgponce

    rgponce Member Member

    thanks ctaulbee
  8. Planet_JASE

    Planet_JASE Member Member

    I've never made a thin pack. Maybe I will, now... thanks!
  9. ripnburn

    ripnburn Member Member

    thanks a big help.
  10. JupiterPrime

    JupiterPrime New Member Designer

    never heard of that side - thats a 135 spine and Ive never seen anything with a 135 spine

    Thin Single/Double 3150/3160
    Thin Double 3180/3190

    second number reflects variations you might find....Ive been noticing on some of the recent cases Ive been getting, that there is still plenty of room on the left/right edge, so Ive been extending some of the covers to be 1540-1545 fronts and backs - spines havent changed though so thats good

    EANAMAR Guest

  12. bookluvr

    bookluvr New Member Member

    Thanks! I'm slowly starting to convert over to thinpaks!
  13. ORiON

    ORiON New Member Member


    what do u think about this??

    it's from IMANDIX Cover, isn't correct ??
  14. jalv187

    jalv187 New Member Member

    is the first one a 7mm spine and the other is a 9mm spine. I have double capacity cases that are 7mm, thats why I ask. maybe I'm just confusing myself.
  15. cooey

    cooey New Member Member

    Much Welcomed, thanx. :)
  16. jayrox

    jayrox Member Member

  17. dumonde

    dumonde New Member Member

    thnx for these
  18. kagenish

    kagenish New Member Member

  19. sheenas

    sheenas New Member Member

    I have download it...but i see a bunch of numbers ...haw it works...sorry I am a novice on that stuff..thanks
  20. Freddy_Krueger

    Freddy_Krueger Member Designer

    Thanks very mutch
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