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Discussion in 'Technology' started by dai, Feb 2, 2006.

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  1. dai

    dai New Member Member

    Does anyone know where I can get clear slim double DVD cases from?

    I've checked a few sites on the net, but none of them will ship to Canada and locally I've only found one place but they only sell the black ones, not the clear.

  2. leo1963

    leo1963 Freshman Member

    Did you check
  3. dai

    dai New Member Member

    I just checked there and they have what I want, but are back ordered.

    Do you buy from there since I notice there is a referral program where the person get a $10 referral fee!!
  4. leo1963

    leo1963 Freshman Member

    Yes I have an account and have purchased all my thin pak cases. About 300 and my DVD+r (Azul and have had zero issues with them). they ship out of California and I live in Indiana and get my shipments within 4-5 business days.
  5. Cor

    Cor Freshman Member

  6. Paddywhack

    Paddywhack New Member Member

    clear cases

    Office depot' web site has them as well as US Plastics
  7. Truebenk

    Truebenk New Member Member

    Get at FRY's electronic store . Web site is
  8. MbMan

    MbMan New Member Member

    How about a couple of Canadian Sites?

    Have you tried ? I have bought both 7mm & 9mm double dvd cases from them.

    you can see the cases here:
    Frosty Cases

    you might also want to email the guy at - he generally has more stuff than is advertised on his site.
  9. breathe

    breathe New Member Member

  10. jerm

    jerm New Member Member

    I used to buy my ThinPaks through, but then I found out that you can also get them from

    While I have been pretty happy with (they have a pretty good selection), I switched over to uline because they are a good customer of ours. I have only ordered black single thinpak cases from them so far, and I was pleased to find that the "Uline brand" cases were the top-notch "Made in USA" Nexpak ThinPaks I was hoping for.

    Although my shipment only had to travel a few hundred miles between the warehouse and my place, the UPS guy had them in my garage by noon on the day after I ordered them. Excellent value and very quick turnaround time on my order.

    If you decide to order cases through, be sure to check out the fine quality paper that their catalog is printed on. The paper is crafted with pride by yours truly.
  11. Darth Slater

    Darth Slater this is me in 1988! man crazy huh? Subscribed

    the best and cheapest candian site is
    great store cheap and great servive, mention r1db and me darth slater and get a discount
  12. gcallan

    gcallan New Member Member

    I have been geting cases and dvds at No problems with them yet.
  13. mjduda

    mjduda Member Member

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