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Discussion in 'Site Surveys' started by Crisch, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. Crisch

    Crisch New Member Scanner

    This is the Part 2/geekquel question to the post below of "How Many Movies Does Everyone have?".

    The new question is: How many hi-res covers does everyone have sitting on their various harddrives?? Note: If you read the question carefully, you are excluded from participation if you have the entire content of downloaded.

    I had about 15,000 of them until one of my drives took a nose-dive last month. Currently, I am sitting at just over 7,000.

    PS. Don't admit this sort of thing freely to anyone, esp. if you are single.

    happy new year
  2. Paper Pills

    Paper Pills Sophomore Designer

    hmm...i have 93. 15000? 7000? why do you have that many? just wanna start your own coversite if this place takes a dive?
  3. Crisch

    Crisch New Member Scanner

    that thought did cross my mind
  4. Paper Pills

    Paper Pills Sophomore Designer

    i doubt there is any one person that mirrors this entire site or gen...but i would think that dag and jup probably have their whole sites on there comps as well...but i still don't think they would be around 7000 covers.

    any of mine in your collection? on your shelf?
  5. JupiterPrime

    JupiterPrime New Member Designer

    Not me, my site only has 314 active (with about 25-30 inactive) items avaialble from work i've done, but as for how many I have total, including those and all the other stuff ive downloaded (yes I do use work done by others) Id say I have maybe arount 450-500 pieces
  6. Crisch

    Crisch New Member Scanner

    hmm... well, I guess if anything does happen to the various good sites out there, I can definitely assist in getting another going. I just kind of assumed others would have thousands socked away too, esp. with harddrives being so cheap now.

    In answer to Pills' question, Im sure I probably do have some of your stuff too. My inventory dates back several years to Daprogger. But Ive kind of lost track of who made what for the most part. It's one of the reasons I don't go on an uploading rampage here--a couple of times I ULed other people's stuff here the authors emerged and semi-freaked out on me even though I listed the author as "unknown". Sigh.
  7. watuzi

    watuzi New Member Member

    I have about a thousand covers in my pc right now. I get them mostly from this site or generetic.
  8. missfunk

    missfunk New Member Member

    I keep the one's from here and Replacethecase, as I've had hdd failures in the past and hate using another credit for a cover I've already downloaded - yes I'm a skinflint and proud! Saying that I probably have 200 or so on my hdd as I'm also lazy and can't be arsed to delete them...
  9. Darth Slater

    Darth Slater this is me in 1988! man crazy huh? Subscribed

    i have only like 60 or so, but those are ones I intend to slightly alter for personal use...

    like for instance, EVERYBODY knows I'm a huge TV series collector, and i hate the digipacks that most season sets come in, so i download single width versions, and put the episode lists and such on the backs, (if the artist has not)

    plus if possible, if a cover has a removable bar code (like in a 1 colour back, i'll just colour it out

    now a variation on this question: how many "non studio" covers are on your dvd shelf...

    like I have over 2000 actual movies, (and tv series discs) and just recently i had to move them around (as i built a new shelf to accommodate all the new titles i bought this past year, and I noticed that (taking all my tv season sets out of the equation, that I own 1600 movies, and out of those 1600 movies around 1200 have "custom" covers that are better than the studio crap releases and only about 400 covers that I deemed acceptable as released

    and being from Toronto Canada, we get covers which are bi-lingual, and I HATE THAT like do i need the title "the butterfly effect - l'effet papillon?? and every word , on the back, front and spine have to be bi-lingual?

    what i really want is the blank book one that I think Jupiter created (as only the one with all the extra writing is here..

    i love custom covers that catch the feel of the movie, or use a "prop" from the movie, like (i can't remember who, ) but the Castaway cover that is a FED EX package like the one in the movie, or the Pulp fiction briefcase, cover

    and I LOVE spanning spines for sets

    so how many "custom" covers are on your shelf , ratio-ed to "actual" covers?
  10. missfunk

    missfunk New Member Member

    l'effet papillon that goning to be my annoying phrase of the week *j'ai pense and pointing to my head was getting old and me very bizarre looks*

    all customs bar about 50 and tv series/special editions-box-set-thingys

    *w00t fluffer time*
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2007
  11. Crisch

    Crisch New Member Scanner

    pretty much all customs as I switched everything to thins for space reasons
  12. son_of_odin

    son_of_odin New Member Designer

    I Have 1800 but that includes labels too.
  13. Amelandbor

    Amelandbor Member Member

    About 300 including labels
  14. enrage13

    enrage13 New Member Member

    i think i have like 2-3 gigs of covers sitting on my hard drive
  15. hetismij

    hetismij New Member Designer

    About 100. Most are to replace dumb original covers on bought DVDs.
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