The Fugitive - Season 4

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    Description: This is one of a cover set for all four seasons of the classic TV series that ran from 1963 to 1967. It is sized for the Genesys 8-disc case (27mm spine), but will also fit the clear cases (1 inch = 25.4mm spine) used in the complete set ("The Most Wanted Edition") with a bit of resizing or cropping (to 3370 x 2175). I thought the cover art used by Paramount for the complete set was nondescript and conveyed nothing of the "feel" of this great series. I wanted to create something with more of a "period" look that true fans would appreciate, and that made use of the original title treatment. There's virtually no available high-resolution artwork associated with The Fugitive, so I decided to go with a simple approach using screen captures of iconic and/or memorable moments (all screencaps were done by me). The dark brick wall as background on the front is intended to evoke the look of the dark alley that's pictured in the title card starting with Season 2.

    Artist: JLK155

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