The Brazilian Job [The Italian Job 2]

Discussion in 'Future Movie Releases' started by Hickaway, Aug 4, 2006.

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  1. Hickaway

    Hickaway Freshman Member

    I loved the 1st one; I hope they don't flop this sequel.
    I wasn’t that crazy about Ocean's Twelve Hmmm... there is also a Ocean's Thirteen in production.

    The Brazilian Job
    Ocean's Thirteen

    The Brazilian Job is a sequel to the 2003 film The Italian Job. David Twohy wrote the screenplay to this sequel, and F. Gary Gray will return as the director. It was in production stage in September 2005 and is expected to be released sometime in 2007
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  2. PSLOwner

    PSLOwner Member Member

    I guess they could do a hundred of these Italian Job sequels if they wanted to. The ingredients are already there, a cast all set, hundreds of exotic locals in which to film, everyone likes "caper" films. As long as they get good writing and good directors, why not?
  3. Ignore

    Ignore New Member Member

    Brazilian job,,, the nextBrazilian job,,, the next need to be Portuguese job :dunno:
  4. snakeeater

    snakeeater Member Member

    is going to be a sequel? great!!!!!!!

    first one i loved!!!!
  5. JupiterPrime

    JupiterPrime New Member Designer

    When I saw the title for this thread, the first thought that ran through my head was that it was going to be about Bikini waxing
  6. BenderUnit7

    BenderUnit7 New Member Member


    I'm fine with sequels, I just don't like to see the same thing done over and over. If this one and be a seprite movie from the last I think it will be good.
  7. BenderUnit7

    BenderUnit7 New Member Member

    by the way

    I hope that it fallows in the foot steps of ocean 11 and everyone comes back.
  8. agjrw

    agjrw Guest

    I just hope they get the same guys to do it.
  9. piratex

    piratex New Member Member

    they should have never made the 1st, as the original was one of the best films ever made............:)
  10. bird

    bird New Member Member

    i dont think its going to be better then the 1st one...
  11. ZuqR

    ZuqR New Member Member

    I hope this one will be as great as the first one.
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