The 60's

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    I have to say that I can watch this movie over and over. If you were around in the 60's, this will give you flashbacks. Starring Julia Stiles, Jerry O'Connell, and Josh Hamilton, this movie covers so many life changing events of the turbulent 60's. From civil rights movements, freedom riders, Black Panthers, hippies, free love and drugs, Viet Nam protests, etc. I was around during that time and it brought back so many memories.
    The movie focuses on 3 siblings, whose paths take different directions and how they deal with the different things going on around them. The daughter leaves home in protest against her father and becomes a hippie, another joins the army and the third joins the civil rights movement. Another youth whose father is a clergyman is also focused on. In between the story telling, actual footage is show from news archives and makes the movie even more interesting. I really like this movie, because I lived it and it's a pretty good record of what growing up in the 60's was like.
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    I was still pretty young in the 60's but I remember some of it. I lived in Chicago at the period of my life.
    Thanks for the tip, I'll have to check it out. Hopefully I can get it on Netflix DVD.

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