Special Edition dvd's you wish they would make.

Discussion in 'DVD talk' started by methodical1, Jan 1, 2006.

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  1. methodical1

    methodical1 New Member Member

    Was just wondering what movies you wish they would make special edition dvd's for. Here are a couple I've been waiting for (even though some of them don't have a chance in hell of being made).

    The Game
    Dark City
    The Thirteenth Floor
    The Faculty
    The Ring (the one they came out with was pretty bare bones)
    Face Off
  2. Paper Pills

    Paper Pills Sophomore Designer

    i would not mind seeing dark city or go. those are 2 good ones.
  3. BlackWatch

    BlackWatch Sophomore Member

    Make that 3 for Dark City. It's one of my top 20 favorite movies. Also;

    The 13th Warrior
    Dead Again
  4. Ric

    Ric Member Designer


    Superman 2

    The Man with Two Brains!

    Oh and... DARK CITY!
  5. bobfetta

    bobfetta New Member Member

    equinox 1970 and jacob's ladder
  6. tdunn

    tdunn New Member Member

    how bout Terminator 2, maybe they could go for a huge record of over a dozen remakes of that movie.......lol don't give me abuse for that i'm just kiddin
  7. tholopai

    tholopai Member Member

    Leaving Las Vegas
    Unbearable Lightness of Being
    The Big Blue
  8. gbk33

    gbk33 Site Moderator Staff Member Site Staff

    I second Jacob's Ladder
    The Crow
    Clash of The Titans
    Strange Brew
  9. Irrob

    Irrob New Member Member


    Excalibur needs one badly
    Superman 2 is a sure thing next year
  10. gbk33

    gbk33 Site Moderator Staff Member Site Staff

    nice call on the braveheart irrob. it's badly needed.
  11. BlackWatch

    BlackWatch Sophomore Member

    Make that a third vote.
  12. russerslick

    russerslick Guest

    Friday the 13th the Series with lots of extras. I loved that show.
  13. Darth Slater

    Darth Slater this is me in 1988! man crazy huh? Subscribed

    Night of the Creeps, a (intentionally) cheesy 80's Sci-fi flick

    Kill Bill 1& 2 (like it was supposed to be originally released

    The Breakfast Club (the original 2 1/2 hour version, It does exist)

    The ORIGINAL star wars Trilogy, pre 1997 special editions
    (i Like the special editions, but i'd like the originals too, Speilberg did it for ET why can't Luca$ do it for Wars?)

    Halloween 6 (producers cut) and Friday the 13th Part 7 (directors cut) (both better cuts than theatrically released

    that's all i can think of right now...
  14. Jon08m

    Jon08m New Member Member

    Long Kiss Goodnight and Last Boyscout
  15. Lucan63

    Lucan63 Freshman Member

    I second The Crow
  16. Aristoles

    Aristoles New Member Designer

    The Thing, defenitly The Thing. My alltime favorit.
  17. Irrob

    Irrob New Member Member

    Frankly, The Exorcist needs to be re-visited with an ultimate edition. There's much more content out there to justify it.
  18. SonicDeathMonkey

    SonicDeathMonkey New Member Member

    I'd second Braveheart & Dark City.
    I also wouldn't mind seeing new versions of...
    Blade Runner
    The Dirty Dozen
    The Game
    Grosse Pointe Blank
    L.A. Confidential
    True Lies
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2006
  19. zekeburger

    zekeburger Member Member

    There is a SE of Dark City coming. Roger Ebert announced in his Great Movies essay on Dark City that a SE of the movie was coming in 2006.

    Roger Ebert's Dark City essay

    As for my choices of a SE:

    Maltese Falcon (May happen this year since it is the movie's 65th anniversary)
    The Conversation
  20. berko

    berko Member Member

    Annie Hall - the Woodman has never added any extras to his dvd releases. I read recently that he cut almost 60 minutes out of Annie Hall after Marshall Brickman told him it was way too long. I'd love to see that footage.
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