So, how many movies did you see in 2006?

Discussion in 'DVD talk' started by miketardis, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. miketardis

    miketardis Sophomore Member

    This was the first year that I actually kept track of what I watched. Hoping that I remembered everything, my final tally was 263 movies. Obviously a majority were on video with 27 being theatrical screenings.

    Some nerdy facts/opinions about my viewing:

    First film seen in 2006 - KING KONG (2005)

    Last film seen in 2006 - THE SEVEN-UPS (1973)

    Month with the least films viewed - April (14 films)

    Month with the most films viewed - January (27 films)

    Oldest film seen in 2006 - THE BANK DICK (1940)

    Only film seen twice in 2006 - SUPERMAN RETURNS (once theatrically, once on DVD)

    Worst film seen in the theater - THE STRANGE CASE OF DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE (2006)

    Worst film seen on video - NOBODY KNOWS ANYBODY (1999) - Yes, it even tops the terrible WITCHCRAFT films

    So what was your tally?
  2. JupiterPrime

    JupiterPrime New Member Designer

    in the theater?

    I dont think a saw a single one - last movie I saw in a theater was Harry Potter, Goblet of Fire and I cant remember if that was in 2006 or not....if so, then that was it.

    as for seeing movies at my HOME theater that were released on DVD in 2006, that I cant even remember, but I wouldnt put it over say 20 - mostly just TV series DVDs
  3. BlackWatch

    BlackWatch Sophomore Member

    Superman Returns
    The Illusionist
    Goodbye Miss Sunshine
    The Departed

    Are the only ones I remember. I liked the Illusionist, Sunshine, Departed, and Cars. The rest were a disappointment.

    The sad thing is that I am sitting here at 10 pm, thinking about spending some money on a movie, and (even though I haven't seen anything since Eragon) only Rocky Balboa interests me. But, it doesn't interest me enough to go watch it. This from a guy who used to go to the theater at least once a week. I think that speaks volume of the quality of films that have been put out the last few years.
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  4. Paper Pills

    Paper Pills Sophomore Designer

    i have absolutely no idea how many movies i saw in 2006 because i can't remember what i popped in the dvd player or may have caught on cable here or there, but as for movies released in 2006 that i saw in a is a list. i am probably missing a few...but alot of the other 06 releases i've seen blend together such that i can't remember if i saw it in the theater or not.

    the number next to it is parenthesis is my rating out of 10 for the movie

    final destination 3 (5)
    date movie (4)
    v for vendetta (9)
    inside man (7)
    lady in the water (5)
    saw 3 (7)
    basic instinct 2 (2)
    ice age 2 (5)
    slither (5)
    scary movie 4 (5)
    wtc (5)
    united 93 (6)
    posiden (5)
    th davinci code (6)
    xmen 3 (5)
    nacho libre (7)
    superman returns (8 )
    the devil wears prada (7)
    clerks 2 (7)
    john tucker must die (6)
    talledage nights (8 )
    casino royale (9)
  5. genderbender

    genderbender Member Member

    I saw Ice Age 2, Cars, and Open Season
  6. Paper Pills

    Paper Pills Sophomore Designer

    stop :jerkit: and to get out more genderbender
  7. gbk33

    gbk33 Site Moderator Staff Member Site Staff

    I'm with Jupiter on this one...I spent way more time at home catching up on TV series DVDs than I did in the theatre. I'm currently getting up to date on the SUPERNATURAL's pretty good. Best (and last) movie I saw in the theatre was Borat - I almost wet myself I laughed so hard.
  8. papperone

    papperone New Member Designer

    I should have more spare-time to go to cinemas ! :(
    Last one was Superman Returns... and probably it was the 3rd or 4th movie of 2006!
  9. gsforlife

    gsforlife New Member Member

    I think i saw 20 movies in the cinema, the most i liked was the illusionist
  10. koentjexl

    koentjexl Sophomore Member

    I saw about 8 films in the cinema last year. The last was Deja-Vu.
    And if dvd's count... about 70 i think.
    The last being 'The mask of Zorro'.
    Quite an oldie, but i hadn't seen it yet.
  11. hakaiker

    hakaiker New Member Member

    Superman Returns and Rocky Balboa are best in 2006
  12. Dev

    Dev Member Member

    I only saw "Borat" in the theater in 2006, mainly due to the urging of my friends. The theater no longer offers a better experience than what I can get at home.

    On DVD I watched least 150 movies in 2006.

  13. cruxis

    cruxis Member Member

    Oh man.

    My memory isnt what it used to be. But I have seen these:

    king kong, superman returns, X3, Final Destination 3, ice age 2, the davinci code, Casino Royale, Deja-Vu, Happy feet

    I have probably seen at least 5-10 more, but dont know which. And on DVD I have seen most mainstream ones that have sort of action/thriller/sci-fi/horror in them. Its just hard to know, its easier to say "Yeah, I saw that one, bad movie" or "I remember that one, really nice" than to remember them like this :)

    I think all the movies I saw in the theater was good.
  14. miketardis

    miketardis Sophomore Member

    KING KONG was fun, but I think that the new director's cut expanded edition would test my "sitting down in one place for too long" endurance if seen in a theater.
  15. alhitman

    alhitman Member Member

    i dun really count how many movies i did watch, but overall i watch 2 to 4 movies per week. I would say blood diamond is the best movie i had watched so far for this year.
  16. DiGiTAL

    DiGiTAL New Member Member

    kind a hard to remember, but my grandtotal of movies watched during 06 is abowe 500 atleast, I watch a minimum of 1 movie/day :D (dvd´s)
  17. trevor_fandango

    trevor_fandango New Member Member

    Tragedy and Triumph

    What a mixed bag 2006 was in terms of theatrical release...

    Great films like The Prestige...

    Big, flaming disappointments like Superman Returns (yourself excluded, Mr. Spacey)
  18. movieman

    movieman Sophomore Scanner

    1,2,3,4,5...10...20...50...60...90....... I would say about 1000. movies
  19. DB0984

    DB0984 New Member Member

    in the last 12 months - probably around 20
  20. gbk33

    gbk33 Site Moderator Staff Member Site Staff

    this is in theatres only guys.

    myself...only Superman Returns and Borat

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