Slim Multi Disc Templates.

Discussion in 'Cover Elements' started by ctaulbee, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. ctaulbee

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    Some Multi Disc Slim Case Template Files.

    These are all for Slim multi disc cases and are basic versions with only spine guides and are saved as PSD files for Photoshop. Note they can also be used for getting scans lined up with spines centered ect.

    All are saved as rar files and will need to be unpacked with Winrar or some other archiving program before they can be used.

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  2. ronj75

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    kick azz
    just what i needed. thanks
  3. rgponce

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    thanks again
  4. GaryEA

    GaryEA New Member Member

    Thanks. I was looking for a 10-disc temp.
  5. ronj75

    ronj75 New Member Member

    are you just doing layering for the spine and leaving it in the background when you span them?
  6. trevoreh

    trevoreh New Member Member

    Thank you for the sizes! I can never measure the bloody things correctly!
  7. GB-Burnins

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    Thanks Again!! :eek:)
  8. brassstaxxx

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    Thank You-as anime' is hot where I live, these will come in handy
  9. bookluvr

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    Thanks! I didn't realize you could get slim 8 and 10s!
  10. ORiON

    ORiON New Member Member

    thank's! usefull!
  11. jayrox

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    very handy thanks
  12. dumonde

    dumonde New Member Member

    thnx for these
  13. kagenish

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  14. sithlord82

    sithlord82 Member Member

    dont spose anyones got a template for the new 12 disc cases yet ? or the dimensions of them ?



    NM Found the dimensions thanks to JupiterPrime. Have made a template but in the interests of keeping them all at the fron of the thread I wont upload it unless anyone asks me to. Dimensions are 3520 x 2175 with a 450 spine (1535 & 1985).

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  16. Wiseowl

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    Thanks for these very handy
  17. petethemanc

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    Thanks fotr these
  18. oldbones

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    Thank you for the help mate
  19. Xenus

    Xenus Member Member

    Thanks for the templates!
  20. Andrea

    Andrea New Member Member

    Please upload if you get a chance.

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