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Discussion in 'R1DB Site News' started by jayhawk, Jan 15, 2009.

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  1. jayhawk

    jayhawk Administrator Staff Member


    after carefully considering everyone's circumstance--we've changed the policy to fit as best we could. Please read:

    This thread is closed.

    We had originally announced that in order to use subscription credits (earned or otherwise) you'd need to keep a subscription active.

    I have a way to differentiate between the two, but it takes away from the ability to do some other things.

    So here's what Im proposing:

    standard member groups will be required to sustain a "membership" subscription to use credits and post in the forum. (registered users basically).

    Users in the following groups will not need membership to use credits:

    admins, Mods, supermods, designer, master designer, scanner, any valid subscription group

    Doing this does 2 things...

    1. we can keep revenue coming in to support bandwidth.
    2. keep track of active members and keep spammers off the site (requiring subscription for forums)

    I know a lot of people probably wont like this idea. The cost to sustain membership (recurring will be 3$ a year). So, you can bounce between subscriptions--then eventually sit at 3$ a year to be a member.

    Right now I'm just gauging how many people will hate on this. so, please weigh in... if you have other ideas... let me know, this is the easiest I could think of.
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  2. spartanstew

    spartanstew New Member Member


    The credits I've purchased or earned over the years are going to be useless unless I pay more money just to be able to use the ones I already have?
  3. CrazyL

    CrazyL New Member Designer

    I have never purchased credits, got them through uploads, how will that affect me? Since I am not in a scanner group, would like to be :)
  4. yoshie66

    yoshie66 Member Member

    So those of us who have earned our credits the hard way (actually creating content rather than just purchasing them) are going to be chilled out unless we pay on top of creating covers? That sounds pretty crappy to me.
  5. Biermacht

    Biermacht Member Member

    I'm not quite clear on this. I purchased over 100 credits a few years ago. Am I still going to be able to use them and access the site?
  6. MbMan

    MbMan New Member Member


    I am also one of those people who purchased credits a while ago. At the time it was to ensure that I would be allowed to stay a member. Nowadays, I use the site only occasionally to get a cover, or to get a few laughs reading some of the forums. Being forced to pay (again) to use the credits I already paid for just doesn't feel right.
  7. tony soprano

    tony soprano Member Member

    I understand the need to cover bandwidth costs. However I have paid for my credits already and shouldn't have to pay an additional fee to be able to use them now.

    It's not right to just change the terms of use after you have been paid.

    Really $3 a year is nothing but the principle of it is you are double dipping on us.

    Maybe the fee should be waived until those of us with pre-purchased credits use them all. Then the fee as well as the cost of more credits would be used.

    Also the email I received listed exclusions to the fee. One said R1DB lifer? What is considered a lifer?

    I migrated here when DVDcoverart closed and if I remember correctly that is about the same time this site was born.

    I love the site and appreciate the work all the artists provide for us. I hope a fair system can be implemented and the site can flourish.
  8. Hackmaster12

    Hackmaster12 Member Member

    I had been meaning to subscribe, and this pushed me to do it. Even if I only chose the $3.00 per year option, I would have had no problem doing that, because I believe in supporting things that provide useful content.
  9. rein2007

    rein2007 New Member Member

    I agree with this!!! i think it's pretty strange if you upload your covers for others and then have to pay download them.

    I there are prove yourself section to go in a designers group or something?
  10. Wolfe999

    Wolfe999 Member Member

    No, I'm not in favor.
    I think you should respect the status and free access of all the members prior to the fee you want to implement. When you offered a deal (x number of credits for x amount of money), I accepted it without questioning anything and paid what you asked for. I think now you should respect that "contract".
    I'm taking for granted that it's quite understood that this has nothing to do (I mean from my part) with the money and all with the principle of the situation. I think it's more legitimate to ask for donations than to ask to pay for the right to use something you already paid.
    Hope you find another solution.
  11. g-tah

    g-tah Freshman Member

    i have exactly downloaded 1 cover from here.
    im here for the artwork i cant find anywhere else.
    i dont buy credits, the ones i have are from stuff i uploaded and if you
    go ahead with what you have planned now, i'll leave
    my key at the door.
  12. SG1_FAN

    SG1_FAN Member Member

    I feel that if you want to implement this plan you should give all the people with credits a 1 year subscription so the can use up the credits that they bought.
  13. wallacej

    wallacej Member Member

    I am totally getting why the cash flow is needed, bandwidth is not cheap, personally I am not creative enough to do this artistic work and enjoy enhancing my collection with the content here, the money is very minor for the benefit.

    I also understand how some users may be upset by the tone and timing of the message. Everyone needs to realize the site could be shut down and you will be out everything, I would rather see a small fee of less than 1 penny a day to utilize as I desire.

    Suggest the owner post his expenses and revenue just to show how much it costs to hosts a site like this, it is not cheap...

    My 2.5 cents.
  14. julz11

    julz11 New Member Restricted


    I think the majority of people are doing the right thing and it's pretty sad to see those people penalized because of it... I think the new charges should be for new people wanting to use the site. And for the ones that arent members let them use there credits before slapping them with this fee. I'm with everyone else on this they have earned there credits already either by designing or paying for them etc. I'm sure people wont mind paying the $3 after they have used up the credits they have accumilated it's not right to just go and change the rules now. It's not about the money it's the principle of it...I would hate to see people leave because of it, it is a great site with many talented artists...
  15. cub4life78

    cub4life78 New Member Member

    This is insane. The people that already have credits to use are being charged AGAIN to use them? Bad business my friend....
  16. jayhawk

    jayhawk Administrator Staff Member

    It's the people that are earning credits from subscriptions, that then cancel the subscriptions and continue using the credits that were given during the subscription period. That concept was set forth when the first subscription was created.

    IF possible, I'll be going through and querying the people that never had subscriptions, but have credits, and assigning them to an unmodified group. That group will not have the ability to purchase new credits until they subscribe.

    And while I appreciate the sentiment "bad business" - it's not a business, and it's always been our goal to keep the site up without charging and giving people the option to contribute. Unfortunately, people buy a subscription, leech the credits, and then cancel continuing to use the credits that should only be available via a subscription.

    Lastly, I posted this to gather feedback--so the attitudes really aren't necessary--we're just posting potential to current site loopholes.

    Again, groups unaffected (and the individual im quoting is in one)

    ANY subscription group, moderators, master designers, designers, scanners, R1DB lifers

    We aren't making any decisions yet. But as site traffic goes up, and subscriptions/payments fall off--other than the generous people not taking advantage of situations, we'd have no hope of future "guaranteed" funds.

    That make sense?
  17. weapon

    weapon Member Member

    yep. Definitely have a big problem with this new course of action.

    I have been a member here since 2005. I have uploaded a lot of covers and labels, some customs, some scans, some conversion and continue to do so to this day. I would classify myself as a contributor at least or scanner/designer at best. Myself and others earned the credits by providing hard to find or custom covers that no one else has, to make this site what it is.

    I never worried about my status/group because it was just a label under my handle but now it looks like I should have. Maybe you need to redefine what a contributor is. Because if I am not to be considered a contributor by now then I don't know who is.

    If you want to put standards on what each catagory means, I can get behind that. For example: a contributor has to provide/scan at least 12 covers or 24 labels every 12 month to keep his status. Otherwise the catagories are just a popularity contest. As a hypothetical and not meant to disparage either designer: Bunnydojo and Cyberclown are both master designers but BD does one cover every couple of months and CC does 3 for every new release, who is of more value to the site?

    I thought the original intent of this site was to upload covers and earn credit by the unique downloads. You created the problem when implementing the current pay credit systems, changing the rules and charging those who have earned or double dipping those that have already paid is not ethical.

    You need to come up with a better solution because it looks like you have at least 3 distinct groups of user that are going to need separate solutions to this problem.

    Group 1: New users who do not contribute but buy credits

    Group 2: Contributors who somehow did not make it into a catagory.

    Group 3: Past credit holders
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  18. jayhawk

    jayhawk Administrator Staff Member

    Weapon, this isn't happening overnight. We'll have no problem moving people that contribute to designers/scanners groups.

    Read my previous post, I think we were posting at the same time.

    Also, I am looking into the query to move people with credits that never had subscriptions to a new group--obviously there could be some overlap there--but we wont know til we try. Once we have those, we can give them a year to use credits, while requiring all future members to subscribe.

    I'm not a huge fan of pay sites, never have been. But you have to understand that there is a legitimate need to support the infrastructure behind everything.

    We JUST upgraded hardware--giving us redundancy if something should fail. We also had to move to a new datacenter location which affected the amount we pay for overall MB/s per month averages. I don't know if you see the number of users here, or the content amount--but we current host about 200gb of content on this site. Traffic wise, we are rising month-to-month. It's just not something I can absorb going forward without a firm plan provide a cost-solution for sustained increases and averages.
  19. jayhawk

    jayhawk Administrator Staff Member

    Please, keep the ideas coming--I think those of you that have been here for a long time, know we listen --or try to. :)
  20. g-tah

    g-tah Freshman Member

    you need a corporate sponsor ;)
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