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Discussion in 'R1DB Site News' started by jayhawk, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. jayhawk

    jayhawk Administrator Staff Member

    Well, it's moved... to new software, i know some stuff doesnt work. Let me know what you find.

    > when in /covers - the inbox/alerts and quick nav menu don't work. --js/jquery conflicts
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  2. R1DBuser3

    R1DBuser3 Member Member

    What happened to points I had in the old system, I had almost 30 + 8, now it says I have none.
    Similarly for recent activity, no record of, even though I recently posted covers..
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  3. jayhawk

    jayhawk Administrator Staff Member

    I failed to re-migrate the credit info... so, that's back. If you had saved credits you should be able to download again.
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  4. zappman

    zappman Member Member

    In the old system, I had over 100 regular points, + 8 permanent, credits; where are credits shown in the new system, I can't find any mention of credits in the new system, where do I click to see my credits?
    Also, I used to be able to visit the old site using my Raspberry Pi computer, so far I can't log-in to the new site on my Raspberry Pi, I will try again now that I have logged in using my laptop.
  5. zappman

    zappman Member Member

    OK, now I see where I have 1 point in the new system verses over 100 regular credits, + 8 permanent, credits in the old system.

    I now have been able to log-in to the new system on my Raspberry Pi computer. But, the site runs so slow it is not useable, it uses too much bandwidth, there needs to be a way to turn off the high resolution background in the user preferences.

    I am not sure how the new site will act when I try to access the site on my Android Phone.
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  6. lmyjxsy

    lmyjxsy Member Member

    Administrator Hello, found on the site of today credit is cleared. The trouble to look at what was happening. Thank you.
  7. Wolfe999

    Wolfe999 Member Member


    Had to restart twice to be able to post a reply :(

    This is not a criticism, just a statement of things as they are now, at least for me. Maybe you know it and are trying to solve it, maybe you don't.

    I had more than a 1000 Credits (500+ bought with real money) and now I can only see that I have 6 trophy points (don't know what they are).

    When I use the search function, it says that I have to be logged in... and I am. And then I can't download (well, I still don't know if I can because I haven't tried to do it) nor post a reply nor nothing

    Can't see a log out button and I keep being logged even if I turn off the computer and clear all my cookies.

    Wasn't able to find the way to send a PM when I saw that I couldn't write a post and I'm afraid that as soon as I try to use any function I'll loose every possibility of doing something.

    Now I don't know if there are more issues. Hope you can solve them soon, especially the one of my credits, which I consider important.

    Regards and best wishes

    Wolfe999 :)
  8. jayhawk

    jayhawk Administrator Staff Member

    @zappman this site isn't built for anything other than desktops, and we assume you have a modern computer.
    @Wolfe999 There could be cookie issues depending how you login, but overall, you shouldn't have any issues logging in. When you login, make sure you choose "remember me or keep me logged in" --that will force a cookie to your browser and not rely on the session.

    Credits aren't going to be as they were--if you had credits that were 'credits_saved' you'll still have everything you'd earned off your covers being downloaded. For 'free' credits that we were giving out, and for forum posts, those were cleared and I'm working on sorting out something new.

    I welcome the criticism--if something isn't working as you think it should --post here and let me know. Happy to try and correct it or if you have a suggestion on how I can do something better, let me know.
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  9. abc77

    abc77 Member Member

    Admin, what are trophy points?
  10. Wolfe999

    Wolfe999 Member Member

    - Thanx for the tip for staying logged. For now it seems to be working.

    -Regarding the credits, I'm not talking about the free ones, but about a promotion you had before becoming "free", for which I payed and were over 500. If these are the "credits _saved", great! But if you could tell me where I can look for them, or anything regarding the credits in my profile, you'd be of great help, because I can't seem to be able to find anything about it :?:

    Now I'm going to try to use the search function, download 1 cover and log out to see if everything is OK.

    Cheers and thanx :)
  11. Wolfe999

    Wolfe999 Member Member

    Hi again,

    This is becoming frustrating. Had to restart my PC to be able to logout and login again!

    - There's nothing wrong with the cookies. I see R1DB one in firefox and stay logged even after clearing all cookies once closed the session (I have no problem whatsoever with many other cover sites of which I'm member too).
    - Found and downloaded 1 cover (Perception Season 1), but wasn't able to leave a comment as I saw no option to do so.
    - Everything is exactly as I reported before as soon as I leave the site and come back. I login but I don't have access to any button (they are not there) that may let me do anything (like posting or editing a comment, downloadind a cover, logging out, etc).

    As I don't think it's something from my side, hope it gets sorted soon; if by any chance it's the opposite, please illuminate me because I can't think of anything that might be causing it.

    Regards :)
  12. Hailstorm

    Hailstorm The Sarge Staff Member Site Staff

    Even after logging in and checking the block remember me, I still have to re-log in several times, search engine still needs some work.
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  13. Hailstorm

    Hailstorm The Sarge Staff Member Site Staff

    site tells me I don't have permission to update my own profile when I try to update it.
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  14. jayhawk

    jayhawk Administrator Staff Member

    @Hailstorm try again, i think some of it was bouncing between and - I've redirected the www back to root. Hopefully that helps. Profile permissions I'm looking at now, there was bound to be some permissions migration that didnt work quite right.
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  15. lmyjxsy

    lmyjxsy Member Member

    Administrator: In previous versions of the original more than 600 points, I now see the points I do not know and can not download problem is not revamped, please solve integration problems. After the administrator posts did not answer.
  16. jayhawk

    jayhawk Administrator Staff Member

    I dont follow what you're asking.
  17. tyson

    tyson Sophomore Member

    Hi i uploaded a good few dvd covers and bluray scans and customs where do i go to find the credits i have it says i have 0 but i had a couple of hundred please help with this issue.
  18. subzero20

    subzero20 Sophomore Member

    All credits have been lost and, thus, I cannot download anything. How are the credits going to get transferred or how to do earn credits in order to download covers?
  19. lmyjxsy

    lmyjxsy Member Member

    Credit where to see?All credits have been lost and, thus, I cannot download anything. How are the credits going to get transferred or how to do earn credits in order to download covers?
  20. scooter

    scooter Member Designer

    having the same problems and i had over 33,000 credits lol. I'm sure it will all be sorted in due course :)

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