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Discussion in 'R1DB Site News' started by jayhawk, Dec 1, 2012.

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  1. jayhawk

    jayhawk Administrator Staff Member

    MrVideo--you need to test with a browser that I can actually support--if you find issues, test it inside a recent version of firefox... as per that error, i tried--and couldnt reproduce it.
  2. chazz

    chazz Member Member

    Don't know what was done in the last week but your site has a whole new look on my end. I have not changed anything on my end.

    Got to say.................. I like the new look.
  3. KeithLoving

    KeithLoving New Member Member

    The new layout is sweet. But I don't see a currency tab and it doesn't list my currency....where is this information hidden?

    nice work with the site A1


    Nevermind, I just found it after I submitted this post. lol
  4. tightline_69

    tightline_69 Freshman Member

    New look , looks awesome
  5. darknessmovie

    darknessmovie Sophomore Member

    i find everything in this site i love it
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