Should R1DB have computer game covers?

Discussion in 'Site Surveys' started by pheedback, Jan 12, 2008.

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  1. pheedback

    pheedback New Member Member

    I think R1DB should have a computer games section. Do you agree? Post your opinion below.
  2. backofthepack

    backofthepack New Member Member

    I myself would rather this site have labels instead of Computer Game covers, but hey that is just me.
  3. RickT

    RickT R1DB Lifer

    I doubt there's to much of a demand for PC game covers... and as for the labels... hell has a better chance of freezing over ;-)
  4. gbk33

    gbk33 Site Moderator Staff Member Site Staff

    there is a section for game cover.....
  5. RoninHood

    RoninHood New Member Member


    in my opinion should :biggrin:
  6. donobieus

    donobieus R1DB Lifer

    There's already a section for PC game covers. And Hell has apparently frozen over as we now also accept labels. :D
  7. pheedback

    pheedback New Member Member

    The PC Game Covers section was added after I posted this survey. Can a moderator lock this thread? Thanks.
  8. RickT

    RickT R1DB Lifer

    who would of thunk it, eh Dono?
  9. Darth Slater

    Darth Slater this is me in 1988! man crazy huh? Subscribed

    how about cover covers
  10. true

    true Sophomore Member

    Like a pocket protector or pocket protector protector??

    There's a Wii cover section! lol I do not see any reason whatsoever to dl from there (other than cover damage) but I will have to 'up some covers there to support it! lol
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