Should I buy this for DVD storage?

Discussion in 'DVD talk' started by thomkai, Aug 20, 2006.

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  1. thomkai

    thomkai New Member Member

    I've been looking for a long time for a good storage solution for my movies (as well as the small amount of CD's and games I've aquired), and I've read a couple threads here about the issue. I was going to try to build something, but am not good at building things, have no time for it, and am not motivated enough. Then I saw this:
    Deep Discount DVD shelf
    It looks pretty good, and holds 640 dvd's at only $160. I've checked around at Amazon and couldn't find much better; I checked the Billy Bookshelves that Ikea has and, for the money, you get much less shelf space.
    Anyone have one of these, or know something I don't know? Seems like a good deal.
  2. thomkai

    thomkai New Member Member

    Well before anyone even got a chance to read this (probably), I did more looking around and found this (Atlantic 756-Disc Case). I read further on in the "how do arrange your dvd's" thread (not thinking at all cases would come up too much, since it was mostly answers such as "alpha"), and someone mentioned this.
    $70 on sale, holds 360 DVD's, can buy one now and wait till I need another one. I may have my answer, going to Best Buy tomorrow (hopefully) to check this one out - too bad it's 45 minutes away :p
    Any other suggestions still much appreciated :D
  3. gbk33

    gbk33 Site Moderator Staff Member Site Staff

    best buy is 45 minutes away?!?!? How do you cope?
  4. Cor

    Cor Freshman Member

    those seems fine, I guess its all what you want or like.
    I think everyone here has some kind of shelf, made or bought.

    I am actually using a bookcase that my uncle built in the 70's and its fit dvd's perfectly... about 800. I think he knew what he was
  5. true

    true Sophomore Member

    Well, it depends on the color of your room.. and the color of your furishings.. carpet or tile... You have an option of a rack too. I use a bookshelf and a wooden/metal rack.
  6. thomkai

    thomkai New Member Member

    I live in a small hick town. It's terrible. We have a wal-mart, and that's about it. (I live in Red Bluff, CA. Redding is about 30 minutes away, and Chico 45. For better reference, I'm about 2 to 2 and 1/2 hours north of Sacramento.) So, I guess Best Buy is about 30 minutes away... but I rarely go to Redding, usually Chico a couple times a week. What sucks most is that if I'm on a tight schedule, I can;t do everything I want. I like hitting up all the majer media retailers (Target, BB, CC, Toys R Us) to check on movie and game deals. The internet is a great time saver to find out ahead of time. What am I talking about? Sorry to ramble.
    My room is pretty much already nice tans, with brownish carpet, tan bedspread, mostly wodden looking furniture. I think this will go well in here. As far as metal racks, I think they always look a bit odd, and never cared for them much. I've already got a nice bookshelf holding maybe 135 DVD's, but with so many large tv shos, it gets hard to fit them all. And I just bought 7 more from (having a fox tv sale!)
    End of long post.

    Oh and we bought the tower today, will assembly and maybe put up some pics :D
  7. gpsguru

    gpsguru New Member Member

    Myself I hate shelfs .... I like to store all of my movies on a 500GB HDD and watch them without the need to look for the movie and insert it ....
  8. Darkhaven80

    Darkhaven80 New Member Member

    My best buy takes 45 min to get to as well. Sadly, I dont really live in a 'small, hick town", so there's really no excuse.
  9. liger_trainer

    liger_trainer Freshman Member

    And you are joined a DVD cover art community for what reason???:scratch:
  10. SVTStingRay

    SVTStingRay Member Member

    he likes the pretty pictures i guess
  11. z3k3

    z3k3 New Member Member

    for the amount they want for these units.. you can go out and buy a brand new table saw and the wood to make your own, thats what i did.
  12. alexs

    alexs Freshman Member

  13. erico1001

    erico1001 New Member Member

    looks pretty practical, price seems reasonable, i'd get it if i didnt alreay buy a shelf
  14. conquistador

    conquistador New Member Member

  15. escape_nl

    escape_nl New Member Member

    Why dont you make it by yourself, i did it like this


  16. koentjexl

    koentjexl Sophomore Member

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