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Discussion in 'Report Problems Here' started by shlingus, Jun 9, 2015.

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    On more than one occasion now, I've mistakenly posted requests to upload disc labels after my search returned nothing. I say mistakenly because the next day my same exact search yielded a number of posts. I started paying more attention to my search queries and found the same queries don't always yield the same results. In order to make sure this wasn't just a fluke I made multiple search requests over the past week and noticed the results sometimes differ day by day. It's like the site is using different databases or something depending on the day of the week... I have no idea but it's been happening a lot lately. For instance, I search for "Dumb and Dumber To" one day and get 5 results, then search for it the next day and see 17 results, and then on day three see only 2 results. Those aren't exact numbers but you get the point. I'm not changing my search terms so that's not the problem (I search for the same text verbatim, even keeping/removing capitalization). I also checked the dates of my search results to verify they weren't just uploaded - most of the time they were uploaded months to years before.

    Does this make any sense? Please let me know if I need to clarify anything. I'd rather not make anymore requests for items that have already been uploaded. Thanks.
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    Depends on your selection in the search engine, I always use search title only when I am looking for a certain cover or label title, but if I want to see whats on the site for everything under the title I am looking for then I select all fields and all categories which gives me every item on the site with that title. You can select the title in the first section of the search and then scroll down to just the custom labels if all you are looking for is the label in the second section block. Most of the time the search engine is set up to search all fields and all categories, but one can select 7 different searches in the top selection and what ever you are looking for in the second section, it will list all the forums from Blu-ray to Labels, the choice is yours, so one needs to see what is selected before doing the search, it will make a difference in what shows up after the search has been completed.

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