Saw 1 (possible spoilers)

Discussion in 'Movie Reviews' started by frenchie, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. frenchie

    frenchie Guest

    After seeing Saw2 recently released to DVD in Australia I rented the orginal to see what the fuss was about and wasnt dissapointed!

    I found the beginning to be a little bit like the start of the cube, with the waking up disorientated and unsure of how/why...the storyline progresses from there at a good pace.

    I would thoroughly recommend this to those of you who like a bit of a mental thriller with plenty of blood.
  2. Paper Pills

    Paper Pills Sophomore Designer

    saw was a great idea but what complelely ruined the movie for me was cary ewles and danny glover...neither of which can act for shit.

    saw 2 had better acting, but a bit more predictable than the original. they are both entertaining.
  3. frenchie

    frenchie Guest

    I havnt seen 2 yet, looking forward to it :)
  4. joliom

    joliom Freshman Member

    I agree with PP. The original was more intriguing story-wise, but fell apart in the last act because of illogical plot turns and, especially, Cary Elwes laughably over-the-top acting. Saw II didn't have those problems, but wasn't as intriguing since you kind of already knew who the bad guy was and why these events were happening. Both are major rip-offs of Se7en and Cube, and tend to pander to the Joe 6-Pack audience instead of going for more intellectual turns. None the less, I enjoyed both - they were fun distractions to eat up 90 minutes of my time.
  5. MrStayPuft

    MrStayPuft New Member Member

    I agree with joliom, in that the first is better than the second, and they're really nothing special. They're just good to watch whenever you are craving a modern horror flick, although both are much, MUCH better than a lot of the PG13 horror films and remakes as of late.
  6. _legenda_

    _legenda_ Member Member

    I'm from Croatia, Europe, so I will ask you to excuse me for my English. Saw was one of the best movies I have ever seen. Sure, the cast could be better, but it is still great. Haven't seen 2 yet...
  7. rikkienator

    rikkienator New Member Member

    It's a comon fact that the first film is beter than the sequel (not always but most of the times) I found saw to be an extremely entertaining movie and saw2 was dissapointing i think, Don't want to spoil it but the end of part2 was hidious compared to saw1.

  8. im46

    im46 Guest

    Saw 1 is great for me, but still not see second part.
  9. D-TOX

    D-TOX New Member Member

    This film was, in my opinion, exciting, thrilling, and an overall entertaining film to watch. It delivered the necessary chills, to keep its audiences fully awake, and engaged. This was an enormous achievement for Aussie newcomers – James Wan, and Leigh Wannell. The two have created a well-deserved horror/thriller, without the necessary clichés.The film is not too scary that it becomes unwatchable, so the full potential of its enormity will not be missed. definitely two thumbs uo for me.
  10. sentinel7even

    sentinel7even New Member Member

    Fun Movie. 7/10
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