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    Hey guys,

    So while I was working on my Atonement cover I noticed that when I imported an image and dragged it into another frame, the colors would change somewhat. I noticed that the image itself had RGB* on top and the file I dragged it into had RGB#.
    Did some googling and came across a site that explained the difference and how to change it. You have to go to Edit > Assign Profile > Profile: Adobe 1998. So I did that and it worked.
    I finished up the front and went on to put the back and the front in one file, as I typically do. Only problem was that I wanted the back to stay RGB# and as it turns out you can't combine RGB# and RGB* in one document. You see, when you assign the profile, it covers the entire document.
    So now I ask you Photoshop experts if it's possible to only apply the RGB* profile to part of a document?

    Thanks in advance, this would really help me out!

  2. ApolloOne

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    A color profile is used to most help present the most accurately color on a given device, such as a printer or a monitor. Therefore, it can't be applied to just part of a document, any more than you could print, say, just the apple in an image of fruit in a bowl.

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