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    Now keep in mind there is no automatic way to make a perfect spine, automatically that is, but this is the quick and not so pretty way of doing this, it was created for my own use, and is not intended to make a perfect spines sized proportionally, so no comments to that effect in this thread, it is what it is, if it works for you use it if not then don't.

    If you don't mind the spines being distorted a bit, see the below samples, then the attached Photoshop Action will re-size any 3240 X 2175 DVD cover to 3150 X 2175 with the click of a single button, just load jpg, run the action and save, only thing that will get distorted is the spine the front and back will remain unchanged.

    Before: Normal DVD Scan

    After: Spine sized down to 80.

    Just download the rar from the link below, unpack it, place the atn file in your PS atn directory or where ever you want, go to actions menu in Photoshop select load, browse to this one select Thinpak Resizer, it will appear in the actions window, open it and select Thinpak Resize - 80, load a jpg (must be 3240 X 2175), click play on the action, save the new file, your done.

    Could not be easier for the novice Photoshop user, or if you want something quick, and you don't mind the spine is not perfect.

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    I was under the impression if someone cut out the 170 spine and then resized it, that this would work. I guess I was wrong now that I think about it with only the width changing and thus proportions out of whack.

    What would be the process to get the spine without distortion? Would the only way be to create a spine from scratch?

    Or could someone effectively cut out each element, like the character shot and title and resize those separately in a separate window and then combine back into the thin spine.

    Or could someone paste the spine onto a larger width white or black background that is proportionate to and 80 spine resize and then resize that. Of course this will not work for complex spines where the front or back cover art rolls onto the spine. It would only work with simple spines of title, maybe character picture box, and logos on a black or white spine background.

    Are there think-pak logos for studios and for the DVD logo since it would be easy just to reinsert these?

    Obviously this takes some Photoshop basic skills and effort, but would probably not be that hard for a novice.

    But thanks for this one stop action, perhaps the distortion is not that bad for the inhibited lazy :)
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    That would depend on the spine if its solid color, then cut it out, scale it, cut it into three pieces, top, middle, bottom, align the top and bottom, center the middle, fill the spine with the solid color behind all three layers merge layers, done.

    For covers where an image spans the spine can't be done, not without the original files no way to make it match, you could create a solid color spine with the correct elements on it and overlay it, bit other than that can't be done.

    This was done for the last reason you listed above....

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