Remakes You'd Like To See

Discussion in 'DVD talk' started by miketardis, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. miketardis

    miketardis Sophomore Member

    Spoken like a true Canadian!
    I have yet to see FAST COMPANY. I hear it's out on DVD now...
  2. never ready

    never ready New Member Member

    That's the only film of his that I have never seen.
  3. squire23

    squire23 New Member Member

    Flash Gordon. Not like the stupid new TV series on Sci-Fi but a proper darker version al-a Tim Burton
  4. never ready

    never ready New Member Member

    Clash of the Titans
  5. squire23

    squire23 New Member Member

    I disagree (eventhough I know there's talk of it being picked up by Warners). Harryhausen's films are classics and really are of their time. While the effects look dated by todays standards they still possess an amazing of charm & can hold viewers even to this day (everyone loves that skeleton sword fight in Jason). I really am not looking forward to seeing this remake - these kind of remakes remind me of new versions of Hitchcock films which needless to say are all crap
  6. dymx86

    dymx86 New Member Member

    don't like them
  7. thedemise

    thedemise Member Member

    The new Robocop movie actually looks like it will be pretty good.
  8. Buddy A Belew

    Buddy A Belew flaminbud Member

    I really don't know which movie I'd like to see remade. I always wanted The Planet of the Apes redone and they did it. Comparing the older make up effects to Tim Burton's version is daylight and dark. I guess Robocop would be interesting. I saw that they are in the process of remaking it. I hope its a hit and not a dud like some of the other remakes I've seen lately.
  9. mob1314

    mob1314 Member Member

    Yeah, especially seeing as how they've toned down the violence and everything else so that the wee ones can see it. Screw them, I hope it bombs.

    I can't think of a single film I'd like to see a remake of. Hollywood needs to get it's s##t together and stop with the remakes already.
  10. Wantedangelus

    Wantedangelus Member Member

    Looking forward to the RoboCop remake.
  11. Andysaurus

    Andysaurus New Member Member

    daredevil and dragonball
  12. Buddy A Belew

    Buddy A Belew flaminbud Member

    Carrie! The remake is being released soon and can't wait to see it. I liked the original in all it's Steven King glory and hope they make the remake better. The special effects I've seen already in promo's look great. Let's hope the movie's the same.:av-12:
  13. wray2k2

    wray2k2 New Member Member

    The remake of the Matrix series.
  14. proboller86

    proboller86 Member Member

    OMG that idea sounds awesome. I loved the Matrix series. Either a remake or a continuation somehow.
  15. biggarfield22665

    biggarfield22665 Member Member

    i would like to see a revamped movie of spawn
  16. CReaper210

    CReaper210 New Member Member

    The Resident Evil series.
    Loved the first 2 movies. The third was much worse. Not horrible, but it just got so crazy and different that I didn't like it nearly as much. Afterlife and Retribution were just completely awful.
    I think Resident Evil could seriously benefit from a fresh start.
  17. infamousdre

    infamousdre Member Member

    The pokemon series like pokemon origins. Just a lot longer.
  18. RockCity

    RockCity Member Member

    spawn, daredevil, green lantern, neverending story, running man
  19. santiagomovie

    santiagomovie Sophomore Member

    por mi parte ... daria por volver a ver -spaw- en un remaking. que se a con los ultimos avanzes en efectos especiales.
  20. itsmesassy

    itsmesassy Freshman Member

    I would love to see The Phantom of the Paradise and Jesus Christ Superstar...... that would be a treat for me.

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