Q&A: Spanning Spines Size?

Discussion in 'How to: Q&A' started by ozsplace, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. Paper Pills

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    my coverart folder is approaching 5gb. my whole art directory, (coverart and beyond) is about 9gb (14gb). after the unfortuante incident with my gf a few months back, i put every digital picture we've ever taken in the art directory, made up some lie that she beleives that picture folder can't be moved, and told her if she deletes my stuff again, so go the pictures. its worked for a while now. the other 5gb above are the pics...the 9gb is just photoshop related stuff. of course this is all backed up elsewhere.

    ok, back on topic.

    i've tried spine spanning sets in the past...nothing has made it to upload status, but i've found 10-15 pix on each side is just about right depending on the coloration of the spine to front/back. like ric's/jups star wars stuff, the coloration is the same of 10 pix works...if the spine is black but the front is white, more pix work better on the wrap because of the colors not blending well.

    i think i might have my first spine spanning set in a week or so...if all works out...but if they turn out like other sets, well, you won't be seeing it either. the whole problem with spine spanning sets for me, is that i can't find art from each of the movies to make the sets work.
  2. moviefan2k4

    moviefan2k4 Guest

    What I tend to do with spanning spines is if they are for standard cases, I usually avoid doing the entire image (the spines are so small it just makes things worse). So, I simply span the background of the image, especially if its relatively simple.
  3. Hickaway

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    I just finished, not too long ago, a spanning spine that wasn’t custom (Nightmare on Elm Street Collection). It was off some scans that I pieced together and filled in the burred or missing spaces with portions of the actual image. So Now I use that as my template for custom work.

    *Note: image is not at original size


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