Q&A: How Do I Get Warnings On The Perimeter of Discs?

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  1. millzie

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    I make a few disc labels and would like to be able to put the studio and copyright warnings that run around the edge of the disc

    I want to know where I can download some templates if that's what I need.
    If I have to type in and bend the text I'd like to know what font to use.

    What is the most popular way of doing this ?

    Hope someone can help .... thanks

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  2. Hailstorm

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    Here's a file for you to use, I myself hate the warnings since not all label printing programs work the same, plus I hate holes in a custom label also, it's a custom not a scan so why put the hole there.

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  3. millzie

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    Thanks for the help and file. I'll keep that in mind about the holes in the middle of the labels. I myself never put them in. I will have to learn now how to work with layers. (I'm only relatively new at this) I tried to use those layers over an old disc label but no success. Thanks again, much appreciated :)
  4. Hailstorm

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    Almost all the different labels in the program have most of the information set in stone so to speak, just put your image before the information for the disc, your image will be at the top of the layers files. Practice on a few of them, it will become second nature.
  5. millzie

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    Thanks much appreciated, that template will be very helpful -- Did my first one here ------> http://www.r1db.com/covers/custom-labels/p84320-another-year.html --- notice how writing around edge is bent slightly too much. My disc label is perfect circle. I need to find out how to bend the text back slightly so its even gap around the outside of the disc and also how to change the color of the text ----- any ideas of where to go to learn about this ? ---- Thanks Millzie :)
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  6. Hapkido

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    Yeh, this is an old thread, but I'm sure there are others who would like to know the mechanics of creating label "rim text".

    First, the following destructions are for Photoshop. I'm not sure how applicable it will be for older versions, but they should apply to all "CS" versions.

    1. Drag verticle and horizontal guides to the center of your label, e.g., 1500 x 1500 label = 750 px
    2. Click on the "Ellipse Tool" (hidden under the Rectagle Tool).
    3. On the Menu bar, expand the "Shape" dropdown menu and choose "Path".
    4. Click anywhere near the center point (intersection of your 2 guides).
    5. The "Create Ellipse" dialog box will open. Enter the "width" and "height" you want to use. They will be identical... for example.
    - for text INSIDE the path on a 1500 x 1500 label, I use 1460 or 1450
    - for text OUTSIDE the path on a 1500 x 1500 label, I use 1420
    - experiment with different sizes to suit your taste. Remember the dimensions must be the same for both width and height.
    6. Make sure you put a "check" in the box for "From Center".
    7. Click "OK".

    You should now have a perfectly round path (circle) inside your label background. Now to add the text:

    1. Click on the "Text Tool" and choose your desired font, size, color, etc.
    2. I would recommend you choose "Center" for the alignment (left, center, right) because you can always rotate it afterward.
    3. Place your cursor where you want the text to appear and near the inside edge of the path until it changes shape from an "I" inside a circle to a "I" with a diagonal wavy line through it and left click.
    4. Either type in your text or paste it (Ctrl + v).
    - The text will now be on the outside of the path. If this is where you want it, fine... you're done.
    - If you want the text on the inside of the path, hold down the "Ctrl" key and move your cursor OVER the text and it will change to a double black arrow.
    - Left click and then "drag" the text inside the path and release.
    - If you want to move/rotate the text to another position on the path, click on the text and press the "Ctrl" key once again. A bounding box will appear.
    - Move your cursor any place outside of the bounding box and it will change to a curved double arrow. Simply drag your cursor around and stop when the text is where you want it to be.


    If I have been unclear with anything above, please reply and ask questions. I'll try and answer then as best I can and in a timely manner.

    PS... re: What Font to Use? Actually, you can use any font you wish. But I mainly use Helvetica Neue LT Standard and vary between '57 Condensed' and '67 Medium Condensed' and most often size "7". But again, this is personal preference.
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